Pattern mutes and Pattern change via program change

I would love an option in Drambo for patterns to remember track mutes (similar to pattern mutes on the Digitakt) and pattern changes with program changes.

It would really let me integrate Drambo with my other hardware.

Sure there’s plenty of other things being worked on already but, if you don’t ask…

Posting now as I’m excited for the update and don’t want to come back with more feature requests straight away.


  • Yes! That would be a very elegant and convenient feature, now the solution is to somehow mute track level and then remember to unmute it in the next pattern... it would be great if this was improved

  • You can mute/unmute track level with a p-lock on step 1 and a ‘once’ step condition :)

  • How so? When I make a chain of let's say 3 patterns and put a p-lock muting track level on step 1 of the second pattern then there is sound when pattern 1 plays, it dissapears when pattern 2 enters and then it stays the same when the chain is looping - is there something I'm not seeing here?

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    so the last parameter locked value will spill over into other patterns. What you’ll need to do is to place a p-lock on the first step of each pattern. For tracks without mutes, p-lock step 1 to the desired volume. For tracks with mutes, p-lock step 1 to zero volume.

    That way when you go from a pattern with a p-locked muted track, then the next pattern will start with p-locked full volume. (If you don’t p-lock the track to desired volume, the muted level would remain)

    Say you have 3 patterns with kick (track 1) and hats (track2). On Pattern 1 track 2 (hats), p-lock the volume to -10db. In Pattern 2 track 2 (hats), p-lock the volume to -inf. Then in Pattern 3 track 2, p-lock the volume again to -10db. Now every time you go to pattern 2, the hihat will be muted, but every other pattern the hihat is at full volume.

    hope that was clear enough. What I do with the mutes in this case is mute the mixer levels on the MAIN track, so you won’t need to change workspaces / tracks to enter the locks.

    edit: I’m dumb. Just p-lock ‘mute’ instead of track volume

  • So what you described is exactly what I do but what does 'once condition' add here?

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  • No problem, what I also do is I add a switch button to each track in main and connect track volume to the buttons with maximum negative value. Then I map the switches to a midi controller so that I can mute and unmute tracks in real time and record the mutes. It is sketchy and not always reliable but useful sometimes:)

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