Send midi clock/transport/program change (and/or receive?)

The use case: I want to be able to sync an Elektron Digitone to Drambo, but not at the note level — Elektron’s hardware sequencer works really well and is nicely integrated with the synth engine.

Rather, I’d love to be able to make the Digitone start and stop when Drambo does, and change pattern on command, by programming PC events into the Drambo sequencer which trigger Digitone pattern switches. So I could change to e.g. “verse 2” pattern on Drambo and tell Digitone to switch to its own “verse 2” pattern at the same time. Maybe one way to do this would be via a “note to PC” module that translated notes to program change messages, if it’s too exotic for the sequencer itself to support.

Alternatively, if Drambo could receive these signals instead, you could do exactly the same in reverse. (Some people say that midi hardware clocks are more reliable so maybe that’s better? 🤷‍♀️)

Is anything like this planned? I think it’d be super useful for people with all kinds of hardware sequencers, grooveboxes etc., not just Elektron kit.

Apologies if something like this is possible already - I googled a bit but couldn’t find anything.

Thanks! Love the app btw — had it for a week and learning new stuff all the time.


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