How to save note sequences in Drambo?

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Hi all, is there any way to save note sequences (with or without p-locks) in Drambo to be used in another track/project? Or even possibly have them saved along with a track preset/instrument rack preset?

Thank you


  • Welcome @mleeteak13.

    Good point! Currently, note sequences are saved on project level.

    In edit mode, you can already select a range of sequencer steps, hit copy, choose a different track, select the destination range and hit paste.

    Would it help if track sequences could also be copied/pasted across projects?

  • right, that's my current workflow. YES, it would be wonderful to be able to copy and paste notes between projects. I did see that clips were in the works a while ago. the way you're able to save, recall and even preview clips between projects in Ableton is super ergonomic so hopefully Drambo handles it similarly

  • 1) You can copy/paste sequences across tracks, within a project. You can’t transfer sequences to another project at the moment.

    2) Only without p-locks though, because p-locks are related to the modules on that track / track specific.

    3) At the moment sequences are not saved along with track / rack presets.

    2) as far as I know can’t be changed, it’s the way this feature (p-lock) works

    1) & 3) are likely to see changes in the future, several approaches being considered to that end, probably not in the next update though

    in the meantime you could use 3rd party AU (f.e Atom2) to capture and transfer sequences across projects (without p-locks).

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