Randomize module parameters

Would be cool to have a randomize function on modules in the header/module menu.

So I was hoping for a ‘randomize patch’ function on a auv3 synth, It didn’t have it and I thought: I can make it in Drambo by mapping out the parameters and modulating with random values.

Sure it’s possible but a lot of work. So I thought a randomize button in the module menu would be really nice, both for mapped audio unit modules but also all the built in modules.


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    pure random on all parameters will produce a lot of garbage, like sounds you cant hear because of weird parameter settings ...

    so this doesnt really work at all ;)

    what works is if you cleverly select certain parameters yourself and only apply random to those ;)

  • @jkl After a lot of experimenting with randomisation I have to agree with @lala, it's only really useful in certain combinations and certain ranges. But your request makes sense, some modules could profit from that, like the Modal Resonator for example.

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    I definitely don't agree!

    All my elektron boxes have randomize page functions and it's great for coming up with new ideas. Sure you have to press it a couple times to get something usable sometimes but that's not a problem at all.

    I can imagine CV sequencer and graphic env. being great modules to randomize too

    Also what's wrong with weird sounds? 😆

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    all the elektron boxes have a limited set a features, so you can more or less predict what the outcome will be

    Drambo is open end ...

    nothing wrong with weird sounds :)

    there are a trillion ways to modulate stuff with random, you just have to set it up yourself :)

    the thing with these "create random sound button is" you have to limit the parameters and u need to set certain ranges for stuff

    (otherwise u get 90% total garbage)

    if u start limiting the randomized parameters the sound isnt random at all anymore, it just becomes a small random variation of the sound you had before (well u could have come up with that yourself by wiggling the knobs a little, dont need a "random button" for that)

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    Would you not think randomizing one single module at a time would pretty much be a similarly "limited set of features" as one whole page on an Elektron box? I would say it has the potential to be even more targeted / limited in Drambo than on Elektrons.

    Also my feature proposal doesn't prevent you from only randomizing a few select parameters, for example you could map out only the parameters you want to change on an auv and randomize that. You could randomize a 'knob' module that is modulating a very specific range on another module. Etc etc.

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    Specifying a % of randomization when you'd press the 'randomize module' button could also be a cool add-on feature

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    you can abuse modules in different ways

    its not predefined - is this audio? is this cv? what are we processing here?

    in a closed synthesizer all of this is much simpler

    this approach doesnt really work in modular

  • Randomizing any parameters. I don't think it would make much difference if it's a CV or audio module, both would be useful in my opinion

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    u can send audio tru a cv module and back

    u can send cv tru an audio module

    u can modulate audio with audio


    we dont even know how the module is going to be used ...

    so its difficult to make predictions about "useful" parameter and values

    randomizing anything really does not work

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    Lets agree to disagree. I find randomizing parameters useful sometimes. Shake it up a bit :)

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    so we have the bit crusher

    if u send audio tru it u probably dont won't 1 or 2 bit

    if u send cv tru it that may be exactly what u want

    what is random supposed to do now? ;)

    it doesnt know what its processing

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    If you get the "wrong" random result, just throw the dice again. No biggie ;)

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    u press the button 10 times

    u get 2 garbage fx sounds and 8 times silence 🙄

    not exactly helpful with creating sounds ;)

  • Agreed. Like said, I've tried it here and it works quite well with the modal resonator, basically any random set of parameters produces useful output so I take this as a valid request.

  • this will produce nothing worth talking about if used in a rack context ...

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    Sure I get what you're saying, and it's fine if you think that.

    I wouldn't want to make an entire album of entirely randomized sounds (hmm.. now that I think of it maybe I would😜), I think it's fun to play with and that's mostly my goal with making music, to have fun. I also think it can be great for inspiration.

    Seems a lot of "professional" audio devices include randomization of some sort, so some other people must find it useful or fun too. Also you don't have to use if you don't want to.

    Currently one of my favorite things to do with randomization is making a complete mess of a sound, run it through a granular synth and turn it into something atmospheric.

  • @jkl The next huge public release of Drambo will add features that make this kind of randomisation much easier. Stay tuned 😊

  • 😶 I'm already refreshing my appstore all the time in anticipation for the next update. Now I'm even more excited.

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    You'll need a bit of patience @jkl, there's still a massive bulk of todo's which won't be finished in a few days.

    Here's a preview of what can be done in the future:


    Each knob is influenced by a different random LFO.

  • Interesting can I ask how you set up the preview, 5 modules spitting out random modulations or how do you mean it is going to be easier in the new update? I'm aware that you're able to modulate parameters without the triangles now somehow. Any other new tricks used?

    I understand if you're not able to explain anything that's still confidential. No problem

    I'm patient, just excited. Wouldn't want a release that's not ready 😁

  • @jkl

    I'm aware that you're able to modulate parameters without the triangles now somehow.

    Yes exactly, including the ability to adjust modulation ranges. No other tricks 😊

  • Okay thanks a lot. That's going to be neat. Guess it still a bit of manual work to setup though, my feature request still stands then ^^

  • @jkl - not a substitute in any way for your request, but if you have the Mozaic app, there is a script called MIDI CC Randomizer and Scenes that might be useful in the interim. You would need to midi map to the parameters that would be useful to you, which would be tedious though.

  • Nice. I'll check it out. Thanks!

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