Modulating flex sample start/len?

I was trying to recreate a patch that needs to modulate the length of a flex sample and can’t find a way to do it. I can p-lock different lengths to each step/note but I was hoping to change length with a lfo/modulator.

my workaround, which works fine, is to use Elliott Garages Segments and then map sample length in the auv3 generator module.

I was just wondering if I can do this with the internal samplers


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    modulate offset/samplestart with lfo

  • Thanks, I can see that that would effectively change the length but I was hoping to keep the start point the same. Maybe this while reversing the sample at the same time. I’ll experiment.

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    so you have a longer sample and want to make the end shorter?

    use modulation envelope connected to amp

    and modulate envelope decay with lfo

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