Drambo BPM realtime update

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is there possibility to make bpm parameter realtime updating its

value when using midi controller (knob)? For now it’s showing frozen value

even the controller changed the value. And second good thing is to

have it permanently visible on top of app window, not under metronome tab.


  • Thanks for the info @skalape!

    Your suggestion does make sense.

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    If i can specify it, standard knob has 0-127 steps and when it's divided by BPM range, for example 40 - 300, then its value is increasing/decreasing by 2 and it doesn't have to be a hit what BPM exactly you need (121, 123 , 125..) . So it is good combination be able to tweak it by (+) and (-) by 1 step buttons even better cc mappable. In BeatMaker it is inaccurate like in example above, in ModStep are only these buttons, and you must wait until it rewinds. And it is useless when you want smoothly change tempo in live play. So if there is possibility to improve this, I recommend this way - both options together.

    Thanks a lot for Drambo :)

  • That could be a great thing if we could do that !! :)

  • +1 for this, I was always struggling to get the right BPM via MIDI controller. As you said: it's not possible to reach precise values (each second step, you skip one BPM, so e.g. 100, 101, 103, 104, 106,...) and also you don't even see the value unless you tap the metronome icon.

  • Oh, and even if you have the popover with BPM displayed open, it does not update the value if changed externally, you need to close and open it again.

  • If I understand @Meddy64 correctly, what he suggested was a bpm and swing setting for each pattern individually...?

  • Yeah, that's a bit different request. Not bad but seems more complex than the aforementioned 😉

  • Hello :)

    @rs2000 Yes, the swing is not very very importante, but i think the bpm setting for each pattern must be very cool and useful. I have make some little track in electronic style in other ios daw ( nano 2 is very cool for midi editing, real time evolving of time signature and bpm )

    Time signature is already here in Drambo, 3, 4 or 5 steps per beat, is very useful but not complete. Its is fantastic if we can make different time signature for each track in the same pattern ( it's just an exemple ;) )

    I really want to use one and only one daw in ios, but each time, i switch to another for precise project is because one have one thing, other does'nt but have another helpful thing etc etc hahaha.

    Personally i use drambo for making evolving drone dark ambient, i have a plan to release many album ( i have already composed 21 or 22 full tracks but i'm waiting for record fonction ), with the ease of creating this kind of song inside Drambo, as well as electronic genre, i made little of darksynth and dark pagan trap music, but for other style more "organic" like black metal or simply rock, it not easy :) but I'm going too far in changing the starting subject haha ​​sorry !!

    I believe that every thing that can evolve the possibility of Drambo can be cool! ( Even a tab like the futur piano roll but for the audio directly :) )

    I use Drambo in as many projects as possible, and try to work around things that are not yet implemented, and i'm very happy to use it !!

    Sorry for this big text haha


  • Hi, I have one update to this request. The best way midi map BPM is like in Audiobus 3 , that you can set exact value of step and with infinite knob you can do it well. But there is also unnecessarily feature, that it recognize positive and negative value, so I used for mapping two knobs, one +1 for increase and one - 1 for decrease BPM. I think value 1 (or 2, 3, ...) in general for both directions would be good enough. I really don't understand why, but there is no one app that has good useful bpm midi mapping. Thanks.


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