MIDI Drambo-AUM connections


I want to activate more than one instrument installed in AUM from Drambo used in stand alone mode. I did achieve that just with one instrument,( using a MIDI output assigned to AUM ). How can I get that from more than one instrument to AUM with individualized MIDI Signals from Drambo?. I need to activate different instruments in AUM from different times in my Drambo sequence.



  • You’ll need to use ‘Channel filter’ module. (MIDI/PROCESSOR/Channel filter)

    Use it in ‘Set’ type instead of ‘Filter’

    Placing one on each track in Drambo and dialling in different channel number will allow you to sequence up to 16 instruments over single port. Make sure to filter these channels in AUM as well for specific instruments, so an instrument only receives midi that was meant for it.

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