Alternate PC switch

I’m trying to make a switch that will allow me to send two (or more) alternate program change messages to hardware. Basically I’d like to assign this to one physical button that every time pressed would fire round robin a number of PC messages. Anyone knows how this can be done? Thanks


  • There are multiple ways to achieve this.

    Can you tell more? Do you mean 2 PC back and forth? Or more than 2? Also round robin suggests random program numbers, is it meant to be random?

  • This would be really simple in StreamByter, since you can put the PC numbers in an array and cycle through it, or even make random picks.

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    Here's what I'd put in front of StreamByter: A CV+Gate sequencer. Using 2 tracks, you can show the MIDI message while editing the velocity value on the CV/Gate seq so the PC numbers are easy to dial in. And you're free to choose the number of steps for the round robin.

    Note that the time input must be disconnected to advance seq steps by means of a trigger signal.

    Depending on your hardware, you might also need to send bank select (MSB and LSB) messages if multiple banks are supported.

  • I don’t have time to try it until later this pm but I’m a bit confused. Can this be done without the use of stteambyter?

    @rec bop pad can store 4 programs and I’d like to scan through them using one button. Round robin doesn’t mean random but going through programs in a specific order

  • I don't think so. It looks like Drambo cannot send a PC message, only CC and Notes. So you'd need at least a StreamByter rule to convert CC to PC. You could implement the actual logic in Drambo or SB. If you're using Drambo stand-alone, you could route the CCs through Audiobus or AUM with SB, then on to BopPad.

  • Ther is a PC generator module in recent betas. :)


    This will allow you to map one button, that will switch between 4 PC messages that you can dial in using the 4 knobs.

    Knob range is 0-127, so the easiest way to operate is to double tap knob and type in the desired PC numbers in the ‘value’ field. By default PC 20, 30, 40, 50 is sent out when switch is triggered.

  • Can’t edit the previous post... here s a bit tweaked version... uses less and takes less space.

  • Thank you @rec

    I don’t know what I was thinking posting this question in a non-beta category #facepalm

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