Who’s getting excited about the next updade?

I’m wiggling my toes with it here!

… sure do miss those little teaser video’s we used to get.


  • Since there are more than just minor changes on the way and @giku, the developer of Drambo is extremely active, a teaser video most likely wouldn't show what you'll get in the end.

    Believe me, I'm just as excited as you are! 😃

  • I'm excited!

    Any hint on a timeline ? (excuse the pun) 😁

  • Impossible to give a fixed date. Just when we expected the timeline to hit its first downbeat before X-mas, brain storms have stirred the pot of new ideas, indicating a few considerable changes that should be done en bloc before releasing.

    While adding new features is one thing, keeping the app fun and straightforward to use at the same time can be a challenge and the beta team puts great efforts into finding the best options.

  • We’ll keep up the good work guys

    happy holidays

  • Thanks, same to you! 😊

  • Super excited. Every time I get a red bubble on the app store showing some new updates, I always think “maybe it’s Drambo!”

    But greatness can’t be rushed, so I’ll keep being patient. :)

  • The next Drambo update will be EPIC and while we wait for that one to drop SunVox 2.0 beta just dropped...

    ...It will be a truly epic update as well 😎

  • Finally AU midi out! I prefer sequencing drums with trackers, this will be so fun to host in Drambo now.

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