Polyphonic drum sample module?

Hi all,

Is there a sampler module that allows for drum polyphony, where like midi note C0 triggers the kick sample, C#0 triggers the snare, all with polyphony, so all on one channel?

I think this is the way a classic drum machine interacts with midi, but i am a bit of a newbie to all this.

If so, could someone recommend a video for setting it up? I tried to set up "Sampler" but couldn't get very far just hacking.



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    edit: sorry not a sampler, might be of interest to you though

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    Sampler is perfect for that!

    The steps are basically these:

    • Import (or upload via WebDAV) drum samples to the Samples folder (and a sub folder to keep things sorted)
    • In the sample editor, hit the loupe until the keyboard mapping area is shown in large
    • On the area of your desired first key, drag from upper to lower to create a colored box (One sample will cover the full velocity range, let's keep it simple for a start)
    • Hit "Load" to assign a sample to that key
    • Do the same for consecutive keys
    • If you created a colored "mapping box" accidentally, just drag it outside the visible area to delete it.

    Don't hesitate to come back with questions.

  • That seems perfect! If I can just use one midi channel and Drambo track, then it will work great. (I am looking at getting an SQ64 and want to use a single channel for the SQ64 drum channel.) Thanks!!!

  • You're welcome @wws 😊

  • BTW, do you know this menu already @wws?

  • Yeah, I think I can figure out the external midi ok, it was the drum polyphony. Both drambonic and sampler I will experiment with tonight. Fun! Thanks!

  • @rs2000 thanks for the overview, I think i was successful. Sampler is cool!

  • Great to hear @wws!

  • one thing: why are there multiple shots visible in the waveform in the snare, but only one shot for the kick? I don't want multiple hits when I trigger a drum; chromatic slice seems to fix that but I don't understand what it means.

    thanks again!

  • Sounds like you've used the first factory snare "01".

    All other snares have just a single hit 😊

  • Hehe.

    so is the picture of the sample scaled to fit the full sample length? Is there any way in Drambo to do simple editing?

    Thanks for all the quick answers!!!

  • No @wws, just file it as a "bug in the sample" 😉

    Not much sample editing inside Drambo, sorry. It's best to prepare samples somewhere else or sample them as accurately as possible. Rec triggered by keyboard keys with automatic mapping to the keys is a great thing.

  • Ok that's great. I'm just trying to learn--lots of sample editing software available.

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