Is the MIDI implementation not implemented consistently?

I would love to control the beautiful synthesizer with my Launch Control XL.

Unfortunately this doesn't work as expected. If, for example, I use a controller to select the waveform for the first oscillator, everything works, from CC 68 the triangle waveform is switched.

Unfortunately, this does not work with the second oscillator.

From CC 68 onwards there is no changeover to FM. There is no CC value at all that switches to FM.

The same problem occurs with other parameters such as the octave switching on the 2nd oscillator. The setting of the targets for the LFO (with the CC120) only goes up to "R_MOD", then it's over.

Is that a bug or an operator error?

Maybe someone here can help me, I would be very happy about it.

Best regards and sorry for my poor English



  • Hi Markus,

    There are no default MIDI mappings in Sunrizer. You create them by tapping MIDI Learn in the top row. It will also show the current assignments. Could you post a screenshot of those MIDI assignments?

    Also, you should not use the last 8 CC#s, 120 to 127. They are reserved for controlling the MIDI channel. For example, CC 120 is "All Sound Off" (not Notes Off).

  • I checked these cases, and you are correct. Sunrizer MIDI CC cannot reach those settings: FM on Osc 2, LFO targets higher than R_MOD. I suspect those options may have been added in an update, and the MIDI parameter scaling was not updated to include them.

    Unfortunately, I believe we have to regard Sunrizer as a "stable" app. That means further updates are extremely unlikely. So we just have to enjoy it as it is. Sorry.

  • Hi uncleDave!

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    I didn't even know about the last 8 MIDI CC's. I've been dealing with MIDI for years and, strangely enough, I overlooked that, because all my controllers send up to CC 127 (which is unfortunately still a very coarse resolution) ....

    Then my long search for a good iPad synthesizer that can be completely controlled via midi controller and that displays all important functions on one page will unfortunately have to go on (I've really tried a lot ...).

    Many greetings


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    Those are CC#s that you should not use. CC values do range from 0 to 127, and it is a very coarse resolution. There is an alternative mode that pairs CC#s 0 to 31 with 32 to 63 to transmit a 14-bit value using two CCs together, ranging from 0 to 16K. Only a few iOS apps support it, notably the Moog Model D and Model 15, and the ID700. And, of course, you need a controller that generates these messages. If your controller has encoders and can generate incremental messages, you can use a script to maintain and send these hi-res messages.

    For synths with MIDI control and all important functions on one screen, have you looked at Zeeon, Model D, or TAL-U-NO-LX? They seem to meet your requirements. Also Ripplemaker and Branches are one-screen synths that expose all their parameters in the AUv3, so you can MIDI learn them in a host. The other synths I'm familiar with generally use tabbed panes to access their many parameters, so they cannot meet your one-screen criterion.

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