New sweeper Patch

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Here are a new patch called Sweeper.

Made in Drambo.

I am allso releasing some epiano, phaser string, pluck sound, etc, very soon, i think i will put all patches on patchstorage.

Here is a demo video of the sweeper patch.



  • That's great! 👍️

    Yes, posting more creations on patchstorage is very welcome.

    There's still so much that can be done. 😊

  • I dont know what happened, as i was trying to put in youtube link, suddenly the youtube link with weird language is showing. (properply turkish language ?? ), very strange.

    I only speak danish and english.

    Anyway, here is the patch , if anyone want it.

  • Thanks rs2000.

    rs2000, as you are moderator, could you, if possible, delete that weird turkish youtube link ?, its the link that dosent have any video.

    Just asking anyway.

  • Done. Thanks for the patch!

  • your welcome.

  • Properly this to much to ask for, but here is my

    feature request for drambo update.

    drambo feature request

    16 or 32  polyphony voices

    better standard osc with stereo knob button

    cross modulation synthesis

    phase distortion synthesis

    fm ratio modulation (env, lfo)

    4 stage env fm operator

    better filter with 48db , lots of preset.

    better sample editor with import of sample key, loop point, key velocity metadata  etc....

    better reverb

    better chorus

    distortion  / overdrive fx

    much better delay fx

    better phaser / flanger fx

    better wavetable with resynthesis ??

    import of bitmap graphics on modules.

    import of own bitmap gif knob button / animation.

    One can allways dream of such features in Drambo.

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    A lot of these can be solved by using AUv3s, but I'm sure giku has dreams for new modules after the next release.

    16 voice polyphony will be available in the next release.

  • you are right quartzite, that’s why i bought lots of

    au this and that, to spice up Drambo.

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    One can always dream indeed 😇

    Some of your requests have already been considered for future updates.

    I'd like to suggest one AUv3 plugin that has been indispensable for me inside Drambo:

    The Thafknar convolution reverb AUv3 plugin. Its design is a bit on the minimalist side of UI art but it does a good and efficient job for all kinds of work with your own impulse responses. It's low cost, about the price of a coffee.

    Some of your suggestions @henrikh2021 can be done inside Drambo by combining multiple modules, and that's the general idea with Drambo: Rather than in some other modular systems where you have feature-rich, full-blown device modules, Drambo uses more like an atomic approach with a great choice of modules that do one thing well but can be combined into a much more advanced arrangement and packed into its own rack to hide the complexity from the surface.

    Example: To implement a 48dB filter, you would chain two identical 24dB filters and control each resonance and cutoff by the same amount of modulation.

    We also have the Misc => Section module that, when placed left and right around a group of modules, can fold and unfold them for quicker navigation inside a long rack.

    One more thing: When you say "better" effects, can you be more specific about what you have in mind? Their sound quality is quite good already I would say.

  • By the way @henrikh2021, have you considered mixing FM operators with FM wavetables? You can't do resynthesis inside Drambo (yet) but you can import such wavetables in Serum format or any wave file containing multiple WT frames of 2048 samples length, appended one after another.

    In the WT oscillator, you have a number of spectral effects available, including very steep filters up to hard-muting individual harmonics which are unavailable outside the WT OSC rack.

  • Sorry if i sound a bit negative, but to my ear,

    Drambo own fx module , like the reverb has a bit

    of metallic sounding, maybe because i dont do correct settings, but to do a fair comparing, Eventide reverb has great reverb , chorus, anyway its not that important.

    Most important is more polyphonic voices, i am voice eater, he he.

    My patches is using to many voices, thats why i am running in to a wall of limited voices, so for me, an update with more voices will be a paradise.

    Yes, forgot to ask, is it possible to do parallel or serial connecting of many filters ?.

    I did try to connect fm with wavtable, diffcult, sometimes i get distorted sound, well because i am still learning drambo, a couple of more tutorials on advanced drambo subject will do fine.

  • A simple serial filter patch:

    You can also connect both filters to the same sound source and mix their outputs.

    Have you tried both the FDN and Plate reverbs? If you don't like any of them then using Thafnkar gives you the most flexibility anyway.

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    One example connecting WT with FM: The idea is to use a harmonically richer FM waveform (one that would otherwise require several FM operators to generate) to modulate the FM operator. The FM wavetable I've used would emulate the changing FM modulation depth(s) by modulating the WT position since the used wavetable is basically a scan through an increasing set of FM amounts.

    This is much easier than using a whole bunch of FM modules without necessarily giving up expressiveness.

  • Thanks rs2000.

    Yes, there is certain a limit , to what you can so with fm operators alone.

    As every one know, fm is fantastic with electric bass, epiano’s , and bells.

    So to connect fm to wavtable is a great idea.

    I dont rely on fm only, infact “programming “ fm synthesis,

    is a pain, compare to subtract synthesis.

    Advanced fm synth patch making, is conplicated, i only

    got away, thanks to the kq dixie, here you can atleast

    dissect each compound of the six fm operator and get an idea how some dx7 patches, allso, reading the article

    ”sound on sound propellerhead thor fm”, did help,

    the article explain the relation between ratios operators, etc.

    unfortunately i am not an expert in fm synthesis, glad i am not.

    Serum is s great product.

    I wish i could sample toontrack superior drummer to drambo, but the license doesent allow that.

  • I will try Thafnkar.

    Here is what AU FX i have for using in Drambo.

    eventide undulator

    eventide micropitch

    eventide qvox

    eventide black hole

    ifx rack

  • @henrikh2021

    I wish i could sample toontrack superior drummer to drambo, but the license doesent allow that.

    Yeah that's the limitation with most commercial sample libraries.

    At least with drums and percussion there are legal ways around it, like building beats from kits and sharing these.

    Flexi is a good slicer so why not 😉

  • “Yeah that's the limitation with most commercial sample libraries.”, tell me about it, pew, i was once asking if i could change the background picture of a software audio product,

    in a forum, the respons was, the could actually sue anyone,

    if one, would change the product in any way, i asume i could customize the product, as lots of software product allows you to do, i mean this going to far, i bought this product, we are not talking about sofrware piracy here, i buy all my product.

    No one can forbid me to sample or retransfer my sample library and share it, if i change the sound and mix it with other sound, that way, i guess thats a way around sharing samples / patches.

    But offcourse i have’nt done anything yet!.

  • Sure.

    And by the way, if you look closely, there's a surprising number of sample library "manufacturers" that violate copyrights in various ways.

  • Hell, yes, the cheat.

    Uvi allso samples lot of stuff, but they rename their product,

    for legal issues.

    Last year i got the synsation 1 from uvi from free, because

    it was complety for few days on their website.

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    some thoughts:

    "crossmodulation" is Roland lingo for FM

    phase distortion synthesis - look into the the graphic shaper (only mess with one half of the signal) / and the all pass filter

    distortion  / overdrive fx - look into the the graphic shaper and draw any craziness you like, put a parametric eq before and after that - saturation/ distortion likes to be treated that way

    better delay fx - look into the delay rack , you can put whatever into the feedbackloop (just watch the level) - its an insane asylum :)

    better Phaser? - the phaser sounds awesome (its zfd (zero feedback delay) technology (this is high end dsp) - nothing sounds better ;) ) - spend more time with it

    chorus in drambo is decent, its Roland Juno like (its no dimension D but certainly does its thing for synthetic sound)

    more general thoughts:

    try to mix different forms of synthesis ;) this is modular, get your freak on

    fm + subtractive + physical modeling or whatever

    this makes jaw dropping sound and your theory books don't tell you anything about it because it doesn't follow one school of thought ;)

    get creative you can use some simple module and do weird things with it

    like take the decimator and assign key follow and velocity to it and play something polyphon

    or did u notice that the noise module is polyphon? (assign gate to it)

  • Thanks lala.

    Did try some of the things you said, will look into more Drambo fx, etc, later on.

    Cant wait for the next biiiiiiig update, but i guess next update will in a couple of months, just guessing, anyway!.

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    we are working hard on the next update

    you won't be disappointed

    I dont have to use my laptop anymore to do music :)

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    they are always afraid you want to resell their stuff as your own creation ...

    for your own music on your computers you can pretty much do as you please

    no one can sue you because nobody knows ;)

    you paid for the product and they can shut up ^^

    you just can't share it legally ;)

    I´ve been told samples from libs these days have secret watermarks in the sample that do not vanish if you rerecord or make a mp3 of it or something as protection for resell and file sharing.

  • Well, tommorow i will use my bought Halion 6, to record

    hitting metal, talking voice, and mix different synth together, to create entirely new wavtables, it will hopefully sound good, i did it before, Halion is awsome, with resynthesis edit the spectrum / overtones etc.

    Halion can create huges sounds.

    I think Drambo needs lots of wavetables.

  • Omnisphere does give you license to sample you own created sound, and transfer / sample them to ipad, i did ask spectrasonics, and they said yes.

    Watermarks in sample ?, never heard about it!.

  • thats a good policy from the spectrasonics folks :)

    some firms have really absurd ideas about that in their EULA ^^

  • Sounds really good @henrikh2021!

    When creating wavetables, also make sure the phase of successive frames morphs well (during WT Oscillator Index modulation) without creating new artifacts.

  • edited January 2022

    “better standard osc with stereo knob button”

    copy and paste osc , pan one to the left, pan one to the right and mix them back together

    or use the mono to stereo module

    or use the stereo lfo to modulate filter

    or add a hint of stereo noise

    everything in drambo is stereo if you feed stereo into it …

    you can tell if you have a mono or stereo signal if look at the mixer, it shows one or two levels. ;)

  • Thanks lala, rs2000.

    I’ve try your tips, lala.

    Actually, i never tried to export a wavtable in Halion, offcourse i am used to create sound in halion, but the one thing i know halion does, when your import or record audio, is halion does split the sound up to 1024 frames, so it should be possible to export wav.

    If halion is compatible with drambo wavetable, i dont know, but i will give it a try, hope i dont

    promise something i cant delivery, but i will atleast try.

    I hope i can create some standard fantastic wavtable for general use for categories like bells, keys, bass, fm harmonics, sweepers etc…

    We need more wavtable.

    Wavtable is not something you just get on internet, i did try searching on internet, could’nt find anything.

    Anyway, there is one questions i would like to ask,

    related to Drambo development, how many Drambo coders are there , giku only ?.

    Sorry, just asking.

  • @henrikh2021 You're welcome 😊

    Drambo wavetable frames are 2048 samples long each. You can simply append the same exported wavetable again to get 2048 samples.

    A full wavetable consists of multiple such frames with 2048 samples each.

    After you've imported your own wavetable in the WT Oscillator, when you scroll through the wavetable using the Index knob, what you're actually doing is "morphing" or "crossfading' between the successive wavetable frames. If you get smooth transitions then your wavetable shoould be OK. If you get artifacts between the different WT frames (sounds that aren't there in the original frames) then there's likely a phase offset between the successive frames.

    The wavetables delivered with Drambo are quite a good choice of available works but you're absolutely right, there's so much that could still be done.

    In fact there's already quite a number of wavetables available on the net, some for free, some for purchase - Just do a web search for "serum wavetables" or "free serum wavetables download".

    Yes, giku is the one and only Drambo coder. Most people who reply here are seasoned Drambo users and/ or beta testers who know the app very well.

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