Infinite drones in Drambo?

Hey all, I’m fairly new to Drambo and having lots of fun with it. I decided to create an ambient track today with an infinite drone at its core. The pattern is a simple 16 steps, and I have all sorts of conditions on different tracks/steps to create randomness.

For the drone, I want it to trigger on step one and stay held forever unless I stop the sequencer, but I can’t quite figure out how to get there, or if that’s possible.

I tried setting a note on step one with the once only condition, which works, but even if I set the gate to infinite it enters the release/decay phase after beat 16.

The only thing that works is removing the amp envelope and just letting it ring. This works for a performance since I can just manually adjust volumes, but it’s clunky and blares as soon as I load the project.

Any ideas?


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    I’m sure there’s more than one way. But use the switch module, connect it as the gate for the amp envelope, and just p-lock on step one “switch on” (hold step one and tap the switch). It stays open for the duration of the pattern running.

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    Here's how I've helped myself a while ago, for the lack of a "Transport Status" module.

    It's basically a lowpass filtered pulse train that will give you a positive gate signal as long as the transport is running.

    Gate time and negative offset help to get a better gate signal.

    The Clock Gen input is connected to the Track's Time Signal.

    The OSC is just for testing, replace it with your drone source.

  • There’s so many ways to do this :) here’s my “clock running check”. It subtracts a very short delayed signal of the clock from the clock, takes an absolute/positive value from it, then checks to see if that signal is greater than zero. If it is, the function module outputs a value of 1.

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    having drones volume on scene x-fader is what I do (A silent - B some level of drone (for starters))

    so its not "clunky and blares as soon as I load the project."

    still not connected to transport status but works for me

    if you have no scenes set up the button next to x fader is white

    if u have set up a scene its orange ...

    now lets get a little creative and open the filter too with the x fade in the same scene ...

    you see where this is going

    (if you modulate mixer volume with lfo

    set lfo to x fader so you can still control the volume manually)


  • Thanks for the tips all, I have a lot to play with 😉

  • I ended up using this solution. Simple and elegant. Thanks!

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    Here's one more. Gate is high as long as transport is active.

    Compare clock signal (A) to 0 (B). Add the function's logic output to a microdelayed copy of itself using OR.

    You can get a 'transport stop' signal by routing/multing OR to a NEG module.

    (This brings up a point. It would be useful if logic functions worked with just one input connected. The unconnected inputs should be 0 by default.)

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