Are there features in other apps similar to Drambo’s Instrument Rack, Processor Rack and MIDI Rack?

I have always been quite interested in the fact that you can combine these features and control things like the UI and modulation.


  • I'd say that Drambo is quite unique in this regard. And in many others 😉

  • Ableton has all those things. If Im not mistaken though Ableton doesn’t do audio rate modulation. At least that used to be true.

  • Bitwig has very powerful near-equivalent features to the racks. And it does every type of modulation you can imagine. Seriously, if you like Drambo, try Bitwig. (not affiliated in any way, just burning with an evangelical zeal :) ).

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    What RatBag said.

    Bitwig's Ableton-style racks (but with an added incredibly-powerful modulation system) are amazing enough on their own, but once you start adding the Instrument, FX, and MIDI FX modular grid system (The 'Grid') it feels just like a Drambo home-away-from-home.

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    Yes, Ableton and Bitwig. Actually, Drambo's racks have gotten me to using them more in Ableton hehe.

    Pretty sure audio rate is possible with max for live, but I haven't tried yet.

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