Drum sequencing on a single track

Hello, sequencing a drum machine tends to use up all of the Drambo max 15 tracks very easily. Using Fac Drumkit for example, the auv3 fits in one track, but it takes all of the rest of drambo’s tracks just to sequence it.

I’m requesting a similar feature to Midibox Seq v3, where you can create a “drum track” with 16 nested tracks. It is switchable to edit the sequence by switching to “bd” “sd” etc tracks in a single track. This leaves the rest of the sequencer for the non drum parts.

I’m hoping it can be done, as it is extremely powerful. I can already do it with Rozeta x0x, but then I lose Drambo’s amazing probability sequencing and parameter locks.


  • One way to accommodate this is to host an AUv3 of Drambo inside itself and use that to sequence your drum tracks.

    The other way is to just put the sequencing of multiple drum tracks that are triggered by different notes on the same track. This obviously has many limitations. Some of it will get better with the next release and the piano roll.

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    I have already tried both methods and both are unacceptable. For the first, it’s impossible to change patterns from the main drambo instance, and it’s very confusing to look at. For the second, I’m already using single tracks with multiple midi notes but it leaves a lot to be desired. And It still uses at least four tracks. I also completely refuse to use a piano roll, and it doesn’t fix anything here.

  • The only one who can answer this properly is @giku but yes nested tracks (with with individual outputs) could be handy in this case.

    In other apps I tend to use a Piano Roll when sequencing FAC Drumkit...

    ...but even then the currently limited number of tracks in Drambo makes using multi-out AUV3's a bit tricky.

    Time will tell where things go...

  • Thanks for the input. It looks like I can probably use the sequencer in Pure Acid to do what I want :) Fingers crossed! Also, Pure Acid is amazing, everyone should buy it 😅 and it’s made by a Ukrainian!

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    You can use as many Drambo instances as you want, or use a Drambo AUv3 inside Drambo just for drum sequencing if you prefer XoX style sequencing with p-locks.

    Nested sub tracks have been discussed a while ago too but they haven't yet made it into the "top priority feature list".

    Does Pure Acid really have sub tracks?

  • Pure Acid has a x0x style drum sequencer with step probability that is a lot less confusing to look at than a nested Drambo instance. So I can just add it to a track, along with the drum kit I want to sequence, and use midi program change for changing patterns.

    It’s similar to my Rozeta x0x solution, except it does have probability triggers.

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