Save selection as sample

There is this neat feature in Octatrack which allows you to save the selected snippet of a sample as a new, trimmed sample, while at the same time the original sample stays in place and is not trimmed. It is really nice for a quick creation of multiple seperate samples and different from slicing as the new samples can be used in a more precise way:)


  • Since slices are more precise to adjust and they can be previewed too, I'd suggest a 'Save slices to individual files' function.

    Anyway, about editing precision, do you find the max. zoom level not detailed enough?

  • Yes, saving one or multiple slices would definitely do the trick! What I meant about precision was not about trimming but processing the specific sample in various ways, eg. as fodder for wavetable or adding multiple modules which would affect only that sample or modulating parameters of flexi sampler so that it affect one sample and not all the slices.

  • Another thing: Have you tried "p-locking" effects on sequencer steps?

    While holding a step, you can turn knobs and have different effect or other settings on each step.

  • Of course, there are multiple ways to tackle it, I just wanted to propose implementing a way to save snippets of samples fast and without destroying the original sample (or having to load it after trimming and saving every new snippet).

  • @Parglanda

    How about copy and pasting the Sampler module every time you make an edit that you want to keep.

    I haven’t tried it with the Sampler module as yet but I have done so with the Flexisampler module.

    You can then copy and paste it anywhere you want to, for instance on another Track or within the Instruments Rack

    from there you can save the individual slices that you want to keep whilst retaining the original unedited sample.

  • Yes, it's also a possibility, there are always lots of ways of dealing with stuff in Drambo:)

  • Ha, I found a better way!

    Select a snippet => Trim => Save => Undo

    As far as I remember that's how it worked in the Digitakt too.

  • Wait, you mean the undo button to the left of edit? I've just tested it and the undo button doesn't do anything to the sample. A minute ago I've actually posted a discussion about how it only affects note changes in the pattern and not anything else, is there something I don't know?

  • I've just found a bug that is about to be fixed. Yes, it's going to work in the next major release.

  • Does it mean the undo button will undo any action made in Drambo, including doing stuff to samples? Fantastic!

  • I'm still dreaming of making a selection any track or main track and selecting 'render as file'.

    This is something I use in Renoise for quick re-sampling all the time...

    ...and yes even in Logic, ie. create a selection on the time-line and drag it to the track inspector for an instant sampler instrument.

  • I hope it includes changes to parameters in modules!:)

    There is the Export current pattern function, though it's not as immediate as you describe

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