Switch between multiple gate&velocity sequencers

I had the idea to use multiple G&V sequencers with different patterns per track to sequence drums, inspired by the Instant Haus Max4Live device. Like a Euclidean sequencer with more control.

For instance: track 1 has 4 G&V sequencers. and a flex kick sample

1: gates on first and third beat

2 gates on first, second third and fourth beat

3: gates on first and 3,5 beat

4: gates on first, 2,75 and third beat

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to switch between sequencers, other than muting 3 devices that I don’t want to send gates. But ideally I’d map this to either a knob, or a switch. I looked into the math section but all the layers and adders and logic modules only work with cv, not gates.

does anyone know if this idea is even possible? With this setup you could change high jay patters but keep the snare pattern the same for instance. Would be a nice jamming machine, and less programming of patterns needed.


  • The 1-N modules might do the trick...

    ...add all the 4 sequencers as inputs to the 1-N module and use the output as the gate.

    You can also add another sequencer to control the 1-N module to automate the switching.

    You could even go as far as mix & match the gate and velocity outputs from different sequencers using multiple 1-N modules.

  • N-1 switch works, thanks! Didn’t know you could route a gate to a CV input. Although that way you loose the velocity of the sequencer, right? Is there a way to keep that?

  • I thought of a workaround by using another gate and velocity sequencer to modulate an AMP Env Mod, but this way the velocity has to be matched wacht time to the original pattern that’s going into the N-1 switch

  • A more compact version:

    The pattern is drawn on a snapping grid inside Graphic Shaper. Needs one grid step offset to the right so the signal starts at 0 and triggers the gate at the beginning of the pattern. A bit fiddly but you only do it once :)

    The scale module produces an offset that will choose one of your four patterns.

    The pattern sel slider goes to the graphic shaper and the scale input is connected to the track's time signal.

    To add velocity, use a second graphic shaper (start with the same pattern) and reduce the height of each bar to your liking.

  • Damn… that graphic shaper 😁 thank you both for this!!

  • That Graphic Shaper is such an invaluable tool 😃

  • I’m too dumb for the compact version, can’t get any gates out of the graphic shaper. but the original version works although a bit bigger :)

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