Import audio from video (flexi)

genius feature in koala that should be in more apps. Obviously sampling another app with screen record, then loading Drambo with koala as an AU then resampling into Drambos flexi finally able to use it as intended sucks


  • Twisted Wave now also supports extracting audio from a video file and it has excellent editing/trimming features.

    This feature has been added just 3 days ago!

  • 4P Neon (It’s apparently an AUv3 too) does this as well I’ve heard.

    I don’t have it as I was kinda put off by the default 16-bit only recording, maybe that has changed latelely!?

    It also supports drag’n’drop to/from the AUv3 which might come in handy later on…

  • ah yeah to be fair dont know why im doing all this convoluted resampling business using AUs could just do it in another app then save and load. cheers for the shouts on other apps twisted wave looks suitable. probably better a proper audio editor than using koala as one. it would still be nice to see in drambo nonetheless. does drambo support drag n drop from other apps? never thought to try it

  • why extract the audio?

    lets just play the mp4 and ignore the picture

  • Video takes more space than audio...

  • edited April 2022

    put the video in and go :)

    extract the audio to involved for my taste

    its just a container format anyway

    Sector did it like that, was excellent

    you probably are not going to sample hours of video ... this will do :)

  • @lala could work but I think for sake of saving files without resampling to move about between apps etc it might be best to keep audio as audio and video as video maybe. But I wouldn’t complain about any method of loading video sound into Drambo

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