Parameter exposure for au FX

edited May 15 in Feature Wish-lists

Id really like to see the exposed parameters of auv3 FX added automatically to a drop down in the automation lanes alongside the ability to toggle the enabled state via automation too, whilst the current set up works it feels really convoluted to have to have to map controls and duck in and out of the automation window and a bit of an oversight to not have a basic on/off state automatable as standard.. I'm cock-a-hoop about the rest of the automation options they're far superior to anything else available..

kudos on the achievement..


  • I found that if you just press record and start moving parameters in the auv3 it automatically maps those parameters and records them.

  • Yeah I know how to use the automation just fine, and the p-locks, I'd just like to have the friction removed from the process of assigning parameters to lanes and to have a device on/off lane as standard..

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