Adding more than 8 tracks allows clips for the tracks?

I’ve added some extra tracks, is there a way to add clips for tracks when you add more than 8?


  • It looks like you've added modules to Main. I think you need to add Tracks instead, then the clips will appear.

  • I'm usually quite lazy when I add new tracks which are needed for the clips to work.

    Long Tap on for example the track 8 header, select copy, then swipe right on B so you get the + to add new modules and tap paste.

    The advantage of copy-pasting an existing track is that you get the A & B sends for free without having to mess with the track outputs.

    After you've got the new tracks add the AUv3's to them.

    The 'Track Objects' are needed for the clips.

    @giku There's room for improvement to simplyfy the process of creating new tracks.

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    Also, after creating more than a total of 16 tracks, the oct down/up buttons could serve as scrollers for pads.

  • I still feel like all pads/tracks should poss be populated in the default project @giku 🤷‍♂️ Just less confusing for new users if they suddenly want more tracks during a project. We’d still always have the slimmer ‘8 x tracks’ current default in the templates and people can set that as their ‘load on startup’ if they miss it 🤷‍♂️ :)

  • still add a new track can be improved

    I delete tracks that I dont like anymore

    then I add new tracks

  • Thanks everyone for the explanations.

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