record p-locks as apposed to automation?

Can this be done still?


  • Sure, p-locks are still available.

  • I know p-locks are still there, I'm wondering if there's a way to record them the way we used to or do we now have to enter p-locks manually into the sequencer?

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    The previous 'module-based' step commands (p-lock, cycle, jump, retrig, probability etc) can be accessed by swiping up on any pattern and selecting 'Components'.

    This feature also enables the ability to load legacy v1.0 Drambo projects.

  • Thats not at all what Im looking for. Previously we could push record and twiddle some knobs and it recorded p-locks. Now it records automation which is amazing but what if we want to record p-locks instead of automation? Seems like there should be a way.

  • Sorry for misunderstanding. I thought you might want to access step settings for an old v1.0 project

    What's the reason for wanting it done 'the old way'? As far as i can tell there's nothing you could do with the old system that you can't still do with the new approach.

  • I think one of the advantages of 'P-Lock Automation' the old way is that you can tap a step and 'tweak/adjust' the locked value with a visual reference.

    When using the 'automation editor' the instrument/rack/track is not visible so the 'visual reference' to the parameter is lost.

    Try to for example edit/automate 'Offset' of the Flexisampler using the automation lane and compare it to P-Locking a position to a step using the big sample-editor. It's a HUGE difference in precision and accuracy.

    @giku If I could make a wish I'd love to have an option to replace the 'pads/keyboard' with the automation editor with the rack on top.

    This way I could 'see' parameter I'm editing automation for which would be very handy for everything related to WaveTable w. Modules, FlexiSampler. And adding new parameters to automate would avoid the 'flip flop' since the Track that is automated is already visible, tap + and tap a controller in the rack, no more 'panel flip-flops'.


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    Ahh, yeah. that is a bit of a shame/step backwards.

  • What's the deal @samu?

    P-locks on steps are still possible and the visual hint on knobs (red ring and p-locked value shown) is still there.

  • The old version recorded the automation as P-Locks (ie. each step got a P-Locked value when recording 'automation').

    ..that functionality is 'gone', now and we have to make a choice wether we do automation using P-Locks or Automation Editor.

    But think about it, if you're editing an automation curve for 'loop start & loop end' you have ZERO visual clues where in the waveform you are.

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    i just enjoyed tweaking a knob while recording and hearing something steppy coming out. I know I can reproduce it with automating a knob into a sample hold but I was thinking maybe the functionality to record p-steps the old way was still there and I just hadn’t figured it out yet. If its not I can live with it.

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    You can still hold a step and adjust p-locks ‘visually’. It’s just that moving dials in loop-record writes the changes as continuous automation curves now.

    Both approaches have their fans and use-cases.

  • For the 'steppy automation' it could be handy have and set a quantize value for the recorded automation?

    Or a 'reduce automation points' after recording them (ie. quantize & average the automation points so they land on each step or even 1 per bar for longer sequences).

    Optionally the 'quantize' could be done using the 'bar'(stepped) tool or 'line'(smooth) tool.

    It would come as no surprise what so ever if automation editing gets improved over time.


  • P-locks and automation bars = steppy automation for me.

    Optionally the 'quantize' could be done using the 'bar'(stepped) tool or 'line'(smooth) tool.

    Yes and that works well already.

    TBH I don't know why I would ever record automation live if I wanted 1. precise values and 2. steppy/quantized automation.

  • I much prefer the automation lanes to the P-Locks.

    I use live automation recording to sketch what I’m hearing and then I go in

    and hone it with the editing or simply draw it in from the off.

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