How to apply inertia (smoothing) on changed values ?

Lets say we have some control signal.. value 0.00 - 1.00 ... it changes from some value (let's say 0.20) instantly into other value (let's say 0.60)

now, in some kind of modulation, this may cause pops/clicks, which aren't always easily to avoid.

is there possiblity to apply some kind of "smoothing" or "inertia" - so even on input value changed instantly, it applies for next few ms gradient from old to new value instead of change it immediately ? Of course if during this "sweep" input value changes again, it continues again in "direction" to new value ..

am i missing something and is for this already module ?


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    Have you tried a low pass filter in the control signal path?

    Cutoff would adjust the amount of smoothing.

  • ooh, interesting idea , will try !

  • The Slew Limiter might work too?

    You get a separate time for rising and falling signal...

  • Yes - slew limiter is perfect for this task.

    The thought of applying a lowpass filter to a CV signal to get the desired output just blows my tiny mind. :D

  • That's the charm of Drambo - most signals can he interchanged and processed like you want.

    Even the time signal could be manupulated to define an awkward playback path using a Graphic Shaper e.g. in a Gate/Velocity sequencer module.

    Or draw an arbitrary gate or pitch curve in Graphic Shaper or Graphic Envelope for launching off the beat...

  • filter works too but slew limiter is perfect, thanks !

  • I always forget about the slew limiter, this is a good reminder :)

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