Hold and drag in PR creates a selection when Scroll icon is off

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Also was just thinking something that would be nice:

If the Pan or Scroll icon is off in the PR, holding a finger down (in an empty area) then dragging creates a selection instead.

Restrict quick taps to creating notes regardless, that way a long press will do something else.

(It'd be nice to take advantage of some simple gestures for different functions instead of having to turn functions on and off)


Ok so I do like that you can hold down then drag to create and stretch a note at the same time, but it would be really nice if there was a way you could hold down for a second then drag to create a selection.

Like what if you had a 2 finger gesture with enough XY distance so it created a 'boxed' selection within the XY locations?



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    We've discussed this internally and here's what I remember from a while ago:

    • I've suggested tap+hold to initiate a selection myself but it was avoided because it might affect bullet-proof scrolling and it would be against the "selection principle" using the select button.
    • Same for dragging a selection area with two fingers: Safely separating this from a zoom gesture that should always be available is difficult.

    Restrict quick taps to creating notes regardless, that way a long press will do something else.

    This would conflict with creating longer notes. A short tap will not only create a note when the finger is released but also initiate scrolling.

    A long tap creates a resizable and movable note.

    Edit: Hmm, the long-tap-with-2-fingers-not-moving gesture might be worth a try...

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    Apologies if I"m brain farting on some obvious interferences or functionality already there btw

    These probly came up during beta testing and that's not me saying I wish I was one because my use of time is inconsistent.

  • No prob, it's always good questioning things for the sake of improvement.

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