Gesture idea for stretching note in PR

Hey whatsup. Maybe I’ll intro later. Am watching Mike Grants video going over the piano roll and thought of something I think might be handy given my own experience working in the PR. This should be especially helpful when you’re zoomed out, so you don’t have to keep zooming in and out.

To stretch a note, simple hold one finger in an empty area of the PR then drag another horizontally over the note you want to stretch/shrink. Or if notes are selected, you don’t have to worry about touching the note/s to stretch, you could drag left or right anywhere. That’s it!

With the same ‘hold one finger in an empty area’ gesture,dragging vertically could alter the Velocity!

Eh? Eh?


  • Nice idea.

    Some people will ask "Why stretch instead of moving the note?"

    I'd make it an optional setting so that people working with dense note grids can still zoom easily 😉

  • 😎

    Thanks for the consideration :)

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