Using Drambo with a keyboard?

Is there a guide or tips for how to use Drambo with a keyboard? Curious what keys are mapped by default.


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    Most keys act as a 2-octave keyboard.

    @giku Worth thinking about adding a few common shortcuts and including them in the help files.

    maybe also a second mapping mode supporting something like these:

    Space bar to play, numbers to select tracks, R to record etc.

    @auxmux What else would you expect by default?

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    Couple of ideas

    -ctrl+A to select all in piano roll

    -backspace to delete, arrow keys to nudge

    -advance step in step record with arrow keys to be able to skip notes and move back

    -space bar to play and pause, enter to play from start

    -A for automation lanes screen

    -C for components

    -musical qwerty keyboard mode option available under options

  • Thanks @rs2000 and @JAYB Thinking around the same lines.

    Space for play/stop.

    Arrow keys to navigate sequencer to add/edit notes

    Like Live, the ability to toggle midi keyboard for playing notes. CMD+M in Live. This way, keys can be used for mapping to interface and playing notes alternatively. The keyboard would match the scale selection, and not always be chromatic like in Live.

    Keyboard shortcuts (CMD+) would be nice to have, select track, insert track, save.

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