PC Generator to send Program Change numbers?

How does the PC Generator midi module work? Can I use it or something else to send Program Change numbers to my external drumbrute, to change it's patterns?


  • It has several modes that let you send PC messages but it doesn't support pre-setting a PC number and sending it by using a trigger, neither does it support bank select.

    1. To send any PC number manually, keep the inputs disconnected, adjust PC and hit "Send".
    2. To send a PC number according to an input CV value of 0..128, connect the CV input. You have no control over when the message is sent, the module will detect changes in input CV and send the PC message when a certian threshold is exceeded.
    3. If you want more control, you'll need something like Streambyter hosted as a MIDI plugin and hack a MIDI message of your choice into bank select and program change messages.
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    Thanks for the response. I have used Xequence to send program changes in the past. But I don’t like their sequencer, so I end up having to have AUM or Audiobus to control the tempo, so Xequence and main groovebox can be in sync. This would mean Drambo is not in standalone.

  • Imaginando LK runs as a MIDI plugin inside Drambo and it can send Program Changes including Bank Selects, set note probabilities for each note etc.

    It's a pattern based sequencer though (and doubles as a remote piano roll and scene launcher for Ableton Live).

  • Xequence is still the only app I've found that does program change in a functional way, that I understand. I just figured out that I can use Ableton link in apps without Ableton running on my computer. So, I can have Xequence program changing the patterns on my hardware, in sync with Drambo.

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