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    Tried both ways.

    Audio output module technique is good for sending signals to one track. I guess sending outputs to multiple tracks would need multiple modules.

    Using a layers rack works as expected but I need to keep it out of an instrument rack… so I can’t save a rack preset to use in other sessions.

    Not the end of the world, I can always save track presets

    or… I could start drawing volume automation to create sidechain ducking instead.

    Much to be explored.


  • Seasoned veteran.. but blanking on how to make instrument racks polyphonic 'modules'.

    I.e., how would I make this pitch transposer rack work with polyphonic material? Mono to Poly doesn't seem to be doing the trick (or I'm not doing it right)

  • @aleyas By increasing the MIDI2CV polyphony maybe?

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    When I route the CV through the instrument rack, it the pitch only updates every N note cycles. So chords don’t really work.

    when I put a generator inside the rack, polyphony works fine. But if the generator is outside the rack it stops working

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    I can see no "voice gate" like ADSR or something?

    Can you share the patch?

  • Just using the FM OP which has an integrated envelope. The rack is simply a static CV sources being added to the pitch input and sent through a Quantizer (knobs->N1->adder->cv quantizer->output)

    when it’s not in a rack, polyphony is fine, as soon as it’s racked, polyphony can’t enter the equation.

    This is the project. if FM op receives pitch from midi2cv, polyphony is normal, if it receives pitch from the rack, it turns monophonic

  • Ah!

    I'm not sure if you can do that - If I'm not totally wrong, an instrument rack will always emit a monophonic signal.

  • I'd probably build a MIDI rack for that (with internal MIDI to CV to MIDI conversion):

  • yeah, converting to midi has always been my go-to also. Just wanted to see if this was possible or if I missed something.

    It would be awesome if under the Racks Settings there were a 'polyphonic' toggle, to treat the rack as a standard polyphonic module.

  • @aleyas This will hopefully become obsolete once we get the "universal rack" type.

  • Yep this is one of the biggest obstacles for making more utility style racks which function as their own modules. Really opens things up for sharing once we get true polyphonic racks.

  • So, I can't get the quantizer working. I'm trying to generate chords using chord module, which works but then how do I quantize them to a scale?

  • @auxmux it requires going from MIDI to CV back to MIDI again. So it’d look like this:

    Chord>midi2cv>(Pitch to) quantizer>note gen>midi2cv>instrument

    unfortunately Drambo doesn’t have a midi quantizer. I built one the other day though, so I’ll send that your way in a bit

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    @auxmux Here’s the midi quantizer. It also has two octaves of in-key transposition. So whatever you transpose to will remain in the quantized scale. Tried to arrange the switch like a keyboard, but not being able to hide blank switch spaces is limiting.

    here’s a quick demo!

  • @aleyas I don't think that you need the second MIDI2CV and Note Gen.

    The first MIDI2CV already provides all polyphonic signals and the CV Quantizer supports polyphonic pitch.

  • Awesome, thanks @aleyas. Will try this. Ideally a midi quantizer, native to Drambo would be ideal.

  • You’re totally correct. Brains are funny sometimes 😝

  • Indeed 😄

    I bet it was some kind of muscle memory...

  • Hi all. really loving V2.0 so far. Definitely my favourite way to make music now :)

    One thing I would like to know is what is the best way for me to record and playback a 1 or 2 bar audio sample per pattern that's quantized to the transport? I would like to sing a vocal or play guitar and have each pattern be a specific recording for intro, verse, chorus, bridge etc?

    I guess what I'm looking for is a simple way to sample into a selection of slots. 8 would be plenty. I've had a play and the Sampler device almost does what I want, but only records when the key is held. Flexi sampler has the sync setting for recording a full bar exactly on the beat, but only has 1 'slot' from what I can make out?

    I think I could do it by hosting loopy pro or koala sampler, but is there a native Drambo way that makes sense?



  • Also, if I add a new track, what do I need to do for it to be a 'normal' one which sends to the Master and has A/B sends like all the others? I'm adding a Track generator device at the moment and manually configuring the outputs and setting the level to -10.5db to match the others afterwards. It feels like that track device should maybe have presets, but I don't see any.

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    I believe you can go to the Master track and copy/paste one of the existing tracks. The new track will inherit the properties of the original.

    Edit: Checked it. Long press on a track top bar, select copy. Tap on (+) and select Paste (lower left corner). Easy.

  • @Jimantronic there was a recent update with notes saying that added tracks will be configured like all the others now. Does that not work?

    For the sampling, layers of flexisamplers triggered by note should do the trick, I believe, then just make patterns with one different note in each. This Taktful patch is hopefully a good starting point, or maybe it serves all your needs and more! https://patchstorage.com/the-taktful-drambo/

  • ah yeah, that sounds like just the job, I'll give it a go, thanks 😎

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    Is there a way route things out of layers? Like if I have lfos or envelopes in layers, how to route them to them to next module or rack over, that 's not in the layer?

  • when you use Layers and not Layers adder and Layers mixer you can route signals out.

    Another thing that is worth mentioning is that you can route between Layers.

    So for instance if you an oscillator on Layer 2 and an LFO on Layer 1

    you can connect the LFO to the oscillator but you cannot route the signal from Layer 2 up to Layer 1.

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    And if you want to output more than a stereo signal from any individual layer's output, you can use the Many to Poly module. Many to Poly will compile up to 16 signals to a single output. The signals can be totally unrelated, e.g. gate + cv seq + knob + velocity, etc. On the outside of the layer, you would 'demux' the layer output with Voice Selector modules (as many voice selectors as you have signals routed to the Many to Poly).

  • and to get more than sixteen signals requires switching between the Many to Poly outputs as shown here.

    Each Layer (where it says “Steps”) has banks of Many to Poly with 16 inputs.

    The switch were it says (32 switcharoo) cycles through the Many to Poly Layer outputs

    using a cv seqeuncer connected to the Switch index input.

    This technique is also very useful when wanting to create longer CV/ G+V sequencer sequences.

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    Thanks @gravitas and @aleyas! Trying to wrap my head around this. I'm using Layers to host multiple graphic envelope generators, that I want to map to other knobs that are outside those layers, but I'm not able to connect them. I'm clicking the little arrow next to the knob I want to control but it's not letting me to the signal out of the envelope.

    Mapping between layers is working, so that may be an ok workaround.

  • Hi I just started using Drambo. I'm wondering, Is it possible to map Midi CC to transport control? I figured out how to do it in AUM so worst case I can try using AUM as a wrapper and do it from there. But is it possible natively to map Play, Pause, Rec, to Midi CC input?

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