Using the step sequencer to have the sampler module auto-sample will produce confusing results

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There is no problem to record notes directly using the on-screen keyboard, but if you use the sequencer to record automatically there will be an error and the notes recorded by the sampler will be misaligned.

I used the monitor in the miditool suite to check the midi information and found that the only difference was that the time value was 0 when midi was entered on the on-screen keyboard, but it changed when midi was played back using the sequencer.  I think this may be the reason for the error.

A similar problem occurs when using the CC module to control the flexi sampler in the Drambo AU.

I have no problem turning on recording with CC, but in rare cases it will not turn off recording. Using an external controller to control it is not a problem. I feel that the reason for the error may be the same.

English is not my native language, so I hope you understand what I mean.


  • how exactly do you sequence the record function? Are you using the Sampler or the Recorder Module?

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    Just like what I set up in the screenshot. The normal behavior would be to sample from C2 to C5 sequentially. But Sampler will record C2 twice, once C3 and once C4, resulting in incorrect pitches for all samples.

  • I found this out because I was building two Tools.

    One for automatically generating sample notes for the Sampler module (and also doing velocity layering, but in the end I realized that the Sampler module doesn't support velocity layered samples), and the other for automatically recording slices from the Flexi Sampler module to the sampler in each of the 16 tracks of Drambo AU

    But neither of these tools worked exactly right, I checked all the midi information and the mapping method and couldn't get the right result

  • @ZhouJing The Sampler is meant to be a simple device with just enough features to import your own material.

    Sampler's "Press key to sample" was built to simplify the live sampling process and it should work well enough as long as you only record on different keys like originally intended.

    But I get your issue now, this is something I've recently found out too. Certainly worth reporting.

    About the velocity layers: Open the help file to see a (hopefully detailed enough) summary of how to import audio files for auto-mapping into key and velocity ranges. Basically, doing full key and velocity mapping all depends on the correct file names.

    When the Velocity knob is set to zero, all samples play with the same level so you can give velocity layers a different meaning like e.g. round robin, random choice out of 4 samples or keyswitch based sample selection.

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    Thanks for the reply, about the velocity layer I meant that Sampler can't respond to the velocity when sampling in real time. It works fine when importing samples. I don't think it's a issue, it just doesn't provide.

  • @ZhouJing Yes, exactly.

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