Flexisampler recording stops by itself.


I have a little problem when i record my « chains osc » into Flexisampler, the recording stops by itself, before i click on the button.

Anyone has this? Any suggestion?



  • There is a time limit in recording. IIRC it sould be 60 seconds after which Flexi stops recording automatically.

  • I had not measured the time each time, thank you for the information.

    So you can record up to 60 seconds, and you can load a larger sample against, it seems to me that I have already loaded a sample of at least 2 min without problem.

    Thank you very much anyway :)

  • Used to be able to hack this but haven’t tested if still works. Prev tested load 6 min silent sample & save Flexi preset = 6 min rec time ✌️

  • Ooh ;) fantastic hack. I will try this soon, thanks !

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