Saving recordings from Recorder module

Hi, I am looking to set up a Drambo template to essentially act as a "sample printer" of sorts for my drum synth apps (Ruismaker/FM and AudioKit 909 in particular). My goal is to in as few steps as possible get one-shot sample recordings from a preset in my app. Recorder has the ability to arm and stop recording based on p-locks, so I could easily use that with a sequencer to get beat perfect recordings of each drum sound, but I don't see a way to actually take that recorded audio and export it out as WAV or something. Flexi Sampler can export, but is not controllable via p-locks. Is there another approach I could try that might work or is Drambo alone not going to be sufficient for this use case?


  • you can drag samples from recorder to flex sampler. Also you could just use the “Stems recorder” feature at the top of the app but that does quantize to bars. Maybe crop them externally?

  • Yeah, Ruismaker supports multi-out, so I can easily separate out those sounds per track from a single instance (at least I have done it in AUM), but AudioKit 909 does not. I'm really wanting to avoid having to crop externally. I can get behind just dragging from recorder over to Flex. I'll try that and see how it works.

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    Enso looper could do it. You can automate recording using the Midi CC generator modules and some knob modules. It can save files too. I kinda want to warn you though that in my experience I couldn't get any app other than drambo to properly midi control enso. I got persistent crashes when trying to midi control it from other apps. Still, it does work in Drambo. I think it's pretty cheap too.

    Edit: adding a pic of how to set it up.

  • Not very useful for re-use in Drambo, but you can drag from Recorder to the files app. This is easy if you have files app running in split screen. You do have to rename the sample from "Unsaved.wav" though. And then you'd still need to import back to Drambo. But if building up sounds for other uses, this might be of use.

  • Hey thanks thats handy

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