Program Changes with Bank Select in Drambo

Hello I’m new to Drambo and attempting to replace a sequencer and drum machine with it in my hardware set up however I’m stuck on how to switch patches on my hardware synths.

The PC Generator sends program changes however it’s missing bank select which makes it practically useless in most instance.

I was able to build a rack with two knobs connected to CC generators for the LSB and MSB connected with a PC generator to a midi mixer. This actually worked for sending a bank select with the program change however it’s way too clunky and fidgety to be practical in use. It’s nearly impossible to select the right number with a knob and the only way I can see which bank I’m selecting is to look for that cc message in the midi monitor. Beyond that each module is set to a specific midi channel so if I want to reuse the rack on another track I have to change the midi channel in multiple places.

If Drambo doesn’t have this functionality then is there perhaps an AU midi plugging that can handle selecting banks and patches?

I’m hoping that I’m missing something obvious. I’m really excited about Drambo’s possibilities however Bank select seems like such basic midi functionality that if it can’t do it then perhaps it’s still a bit too undercooked to make integrating with hardware practical.


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    I wish I had an answer for you, I will say that I've brought this issue up with @giku and it is certainly on the list of fixes and additions. LSB and MSB are indeed a must for a useful PC module. At the moment it is a bit tricky and the modulation inputs and send button aren't much help. The one use I've found is to use Clip Locks to send program changes on clip launch, but that still doesn't solve the bank change problem :/

    Until a fix arrives, I would point you toward the Mozaic auv3 as a likely solution. there might very well be a script on the Patchstorage page that will handle program changes, and if not, there are people over on the Audiobus forum that will happily help draw something up.

    edit: just did a quick search on patchstorage and found these two scripts that may or may not help

  • @palms thank you!

  • Thank you guys, yes this needs to be addressed

  • hope this means NRPN Generator will be considered :)

  • I was able to make my rack a little easier to use by adding a slider to fine tune the LSB value. It can set a Bank Select along with the PC generator and a Midi output module at the end sets the correct channel for all messages. I have been able to set the values on each track, save the project and have those values sent to each piece of hardware when the project is opened.

    I've uploaded the rack to patchstorage:

    @giku I hope we get Bank select with a dropdown to select the number or up and down buttons in the next update but I'm hoping this can serve as a work around until then.

    This was my first forum post and I really appreciate the quick and helpful responses.

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