Midi routing to hardware and audio in

Hi, I'm trying to figure out the best way to use Drambo as a hub for external synths for effects and sometimes sequencing. Also using a hardware sequencer for main clock and for sequencing other gear.

I feel like maybe I'm making things overly complicated by doing things like this:

  • Settings: select audio interface midi clock in and midi clock out
  • Select tempo settings: sync, midi clock
  • For each external machine:
  • Select track: midi in channel
  • Add midi output module and select audio interface and midi channel
  • Add audio input module and choose audio input from interface

It seems to be way quieter than when I use AUM even when I increase the master volume as well.

Is there any reason to use drambo inside of AUM rather than just doing everything in Drambo? Im getting a bit confused with all the apps and connections.

Is this the right way to be doing it or am I missing a simpler way?



  • My opinion: The MIDI matrix in AUM is much easier to handle than MIDI routing in Drambo and the mixer is really nice too - but almost everything else made me move to Drambo and I only use AUM for a few MIDI and audio effect experiments now.

    There is no general answer to your question - except that the more you can do inside Drambo, the less external gear you'll need.

    If you want a hardware sequencer to be the MIDI clock master, you'll have to stick to Drambo anyway and the more gear you're about to connect, the more complicated it will become to set everything up.

  • Some things work better in Drambo, but my preference is AUM when using external synths and devices. The midi matrix and buses, plus adding Mozaic in mix, is simpler in AUM, but Drambo is hands down my favorite sequencer. Just host Drambo in AUM. I use AUM / Ableton Link as master clock, lot easier for syncing.

  • Yep and btw, hardware is usually better at slaving to MIDI clock so I wouldn't use the hardware sequencer as a clock master, as obvious as it may seem at first sight...

    If you want it anyway, it might be a good idea to add MIDI Link Sync to convert MIDI clock to a LINK beat reference. Like an old iPhone attached to the HW sequencer over Bluetooth MIDI and having it provide LINK sync over WiFi. Sounds hacky but usually works very well.

    The great advantage is that over LINK, you can "drop in" a running session with the iPad while MIDI clock always depends on either starting from the beginning or from a proper SPP implementation in every LINK'ed app you're using.

    And as far as I remember, AUM doesn't even support slaving to MIDI clock at all.

  • Not yet re AUM slaving but it is on roadmap.

  • Thanks for the opinions and tips.

    There are so many ways to do everything so it's good to hear how others are using things sometimes as well so I don't get stuck doing it the same every time. I'll have a fiddle and test out some different configurations.

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