SFZ Import / Improved Multi-Sample Support

I'm trying to use Drambo for multi-samples imports similar to Audiolayer, but having difficulty importing and mapping the samples. When importing by folder, the samples are not mapping correctly and it would be difficult to manually map hundreds of sampler instruments.

Audiolayer is pretty seamless in the ability to automap samples to note ranges based on file naming conventions as well as supporting SFZs. The samples mentioned above are import and map in Audiolayer without issue, so it could be an issue with how Drambo detects sample filenames. While Audiolayer is great, none of the sampler components like filter, envelopes can't be automated using AU parameters. So it would be great, if we could harness the full potential of sampling with Drambo.


  • Please check the help inside the Sampler module.

    The exact file naming scheme for import and automatic key and velocity mapping is described there.

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    @rs2000 The files I'm importing are formatted exactly as the example in the help doc. :( So might be a bug? @giku

  • Could you share a couple of the filenames? Drambo is pretty finicky about this. Your filenames may have other characters that look like notes, or something.

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    Sure, here's an example: D50A03JazzGuitar_A-1_114.wav.

    I would think the first part of the filename would just be read as a string to avoid any misinterpretation.

  • Earlier discussion (much earlier) indicated that no part of the filename is just read as a string. Those "D5" and "A03" might be throwing it off. I think it may try to be "universal" so as to not enforce any specific name structure.

  • Yikes, that'll be tough. I have so many samples like this and interoperability with AudioLayer is important.

    @giku Thoughts on adding alternative interpretors for sample names? For example, in UVI Falcon, it's possible to specify how to interpret root / filenames when importing.

  • @auxmux Too many numbers in your file names. Drambo will interpret them as note numbers and velocity ranges.

  • If interoprerability with AudioLayer is really that important why not use it as an AUv3 in Drambo when those big multi-samples are needed?

    Sure that won't work when using Drambo as an AUv3 but I've found that in 99% of my use-cases Drambo is the AUv3 host 😎

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    Yeah, I go back and forth between AUM and Drambo as host, so not always an option for me.

    The simplest solution is to read the filenames with the beginning part as a string, but for now I'll stick with using single samples in Drambo's sampler. I get enough of a key range with them for my needs, since I don't need them to be perfect replicas of the original samples.

    I have hundreds/thousands of multi-samples collected over the years, so I'm not going through the effort of renaming them and remapping the sfzs.

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