Swing Time Module…..trying to use on the track sequencer….

Not talking about global swing…….

I’ve tried and I’ve searched, but I can’t seem to get the swing the Swing Time module do anything but follow Drambo’s clock and maybe follow it with a Clock Generator to drive a sequencer module or directly to the gate of a sound producing module. It seems it would be great to have some thing that can be put between the sequencer and sound source. Maybe a swing device that can bridge clock, gate, trigger and MIDI? I’ve gone so far as to nudge every other 16th note on the offset panel, but this is a pretty tedious method.

Am I missing some clever workaround?


  • There are a few things you could do to change were the Swing Time module derives it’s clock from.

    I’ve put three variations side by side in this screenshot.

  • Thanks for your quick reply Gravitas,

    maybe to be more clear:I

    I’d like a way to apply swing to the programmed steps of the sequencer. Maybe Swing Time can’t be used for this purpose?

  • You could try the Humanizer module in the midi section instead.

    I normally leave velocity and gate length alone and use Offset to create swing.

    Interesting thing is I haven't actually used the Swing time module yet

    so it's a good moment for me to learn how to use it myself.


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    Specifically I’d like to apply offset to every other 16th note per track, not globally (as I know is possible)

    Also, Humanize randomly applies velocity, gate length and offset variations to all notes within a set range.

  • What you could do is apply a static delay to the gate signal. You may be able to p-lock the delay time to every other step, or have your gate routed to a 1-N switch, with the index controlled by a 2 step counter. 1 N switch output would be routed to delay, then Many to Poly. The 2nd N switch output direct to Many to Poly. Many to Poly would then go to your instrument. (If you run into pitch issues, duplicate your pitch signal to 2 slots of a new Many to Poly module).

    p-locks and this switching logic are just a couple ways to apply swing using delay. I’m sure there are more workarounds too

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    Thank you Aleyas

    So it seems at least I’m not totally clueless. It would be nice to have a module that derives clock from the session and passes MIDI, gate or trigger trough while applying swing. Oh, what about a 2step sequencer that the 2nd step is the offset for every other step? Lots of things to try until a swing module is made.

    update: I sort of got it to work using a 2 step CV Sequencer modulating every other every other step of a MIDI Delay. But since the delay is in milliseconds, it’s very much dependent on tempo, since it’s not subdivisions of a step.

    Any other suggestions would be very welcome.

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    Try this.

    It’s almost there.

  • Have a look at the Delay module itself.

    You can set the Delay to Beats as well as milliseconds.

  • and try this on the front end.

    The CV sequencer sends a reset every 16 steps which seems to smooth the swing.

    You don’t need to use the Scale module.

  • I’ve put the whole lot into a midi rack and then uploaded it to Patchstorage.

    It’s a rack not a Project so when you download it and it opens up in dRambo save it into the midi rack folder.


  • Wow, thanks!

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    This is what Swing Time basically does (with a typical swing amount):

    Using our good friend Graphic Shaper, a lot more exotic timings are possible, including arbitrary re-shuffling of sequencer module steps.

    This is another example supporting @giku's idea to make track sequencers available as modules.

    PS: Ever thought about using Swing Time to re-shape audio signals?


  • I've only just discovered we have a Swing time module. Lolololol.

    Using it to shape audio is a really cool concept and agreed Giku's idea

    to make the Track sequencers modules is a good one.


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