Trigger to shift a note +/- half or whole step

I know this can be done, theres even add and subtract modules right? So Im thinking something with a sample/hold but I can’t wrap my brain around how to do this. I don’t want to just change the note with a sample/hold I want to specifically shift the note +/- a half or whole step.


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    The CV signal carries pitch with a scale factor of 0.125 per octave.

    A semitone would be 0.01041666. You can enter such numbers in Drambo and they will be used, just don't worry about the numerical display with reduced precision.

    Enter this number in the Scale + Offset module and use the offset knob to transpose by the amount you've entered.

  • what if I want trigger +half step, then +whole step then another and another?

  • How do you want to trigger it?

  • Im thinking about this and it seems like if I want to add A to B and get C and want to add A to C I would need to Be able to send C’s value backwards in the patch, which can’t be done?

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    It can be done using Feedback Send and Feedback Receive.

    Much like in analog circuit design.

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    Does this help? I want the note out to step up or down according to the switch settings each time it receives a trigger.

  • Now that’s interesting. I think I need to stop thinking in terms of numbers and start thinking Cv signal.

    In my head Ive been thinking of how I would patch it in Max Msp which Im very limited with but I know enough to make something like that.

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    You can do it with counter (under Utilities - Time) and math modules too.

    Add and subtract receive triggers from buttons 1 and 2. The add module sums the pitch from midi to CV and the Add counter, and then subtract takes Add’s value and subtracts the subtract counter. The two counter modules do not reset as far as I understand, so the math should always even out to give you what you want. You would just have to scale this appropriately…probably by scaling each counters value and then having them go to the math modules.

    Update: scaling was easy using a number (use .01041666 as @rs2000 says) and multiplying both counters’ values and using those for the math modules.

  • I think maybe I don’t understand the counter module.

  • Im baffled on why adding the midi Cv to a gate counter is achieving this result. Makes no sense to me but it does work.

  • Counter just increases in value each gate it receives. So you’re taking the input of pitch CV and adding to it every gate (or subtracting).

  • The note output from MIDI to CV is scaled to 0.125 per octave. It actually starts at -0.5 (for MIDI 0) and goes up to whatever. Now, the counter outputs an integer count value. Divide it by 96 (8x12) to scale it to a number of semitones. The magic number 0.010417 is 1/96. So you're adding semitones to the note CV.

  • I had no idea it did that for some reason I thought it was like a divider.

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