odd crash on project load?

i have an odd crash. when i open a good project, load a Dubstation 2 preset into an audio unit processor block, and save as into a new project, the new project crashes on load. other presets seem to work ok. i'll attach a crash report. any idea what's up here? tia! /dan


  • Thanks,

    This is weird, looks like project file contains more AU parameters than was in the module. I added protection against this case to the upcoming version (1 week), so your project will load again.

    I'm curious what did you do with this module before you saved the project? Did you map or record parameters?

  • there's one mapped parameter in the preset that triggers the crash. i can reproduce it by: add au processor module to empty project. load au fx. i've tried Dubstation 2 and FAC Chorus. map a parameter. i used feedback for both. save a preset. immediately load the preset just saved. save project. Drambo crashes when i open that project.

  • Got it, fixing

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