App freezes - “can’t activate audio device” message

Hello, thanks for having me in this community. Drambo is a dream groovebox so far but I’m having one big problem. 

I’m wandering if anyone else has had a similar problem with Drambo freezing up and displaying a pop up that says “Can’t activate audio device remote IO start error 0) Restart Drambo” then when I restart the issue is not resolved. I then have to reboot my iPad then it’s better for a while but eventually it will freeze up again with the same message and it’s a real nuisance to have to keep rebooting.

It doesn’t seem to matter what instruments are running but it seems to happen a lot when I come back after taking a break and open the ipad from sleep.


  • I've had this too after Drambo was open in the background for a while but it's been a rare occurence and I never had to reboot the iDevice, a project re-load or Drambo force close and re-launch was always enough to get it back working.

    Which option have you set in Settings => Background audio?

    Did "taking a break" involve using Safari for a while?

  • Thanks for your reply. My background audio is set to off. I don’t use safari specifically. I’ll try just doing a project reload instead of closing the app.

  • This has been happening to me with a new project - three tracks, one audio unit, two instrument racks. I got that error message a few times (It started when I went to 'SOLO' a track while everything was running... drambo kinda bugged out) and now the project goes silent after hitting play. Sometimes halfway through the first repeat of pattern 1, sometimes it'll make it through pattern 1 (x3) and pattern 2 (x1) and go silent during the next rotation. The transport keeps playing, but all tracks go silent. Stopping transport and starting again does not solve this, I have to re-open the project.

    Luckily, this doesn't seem to be affecting other projects. I'm happy to send my project to someone to troubleshoot the error (which, as I said I'm not getting anymore). It's fairly barebones, so I'm guessing it might be the (sloppy) 4 osc synth I built on track 2. Otherwise, it's just an instance of FAC Drumkit and a arp'd Jon Keys, and it never registered anything over 1 green dot on the CPU%.

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    Just zip the project and upload here

    we ll have a look

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    Thanks, @lala

    (Possibly) Important to note the elements that I've taken away since the first error:

    Track 3 had a Strum Generator module before the Arp - I removed it in case it was being buggy. Track 2 was Midi-to-CV, but I changed it to MIDI to see if that helped.

    EDIT* I am running the newest version of Drambo in iOS 15.5 on a 7th gen, 32gig iPad.

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    Hm, I can repeat the error

    but don’t get the error message

    i sent it to the master of ceremonies to debug

    thx, for the patch that helps a lot

    (it gets silent after pattern change)

  • Many thanks!

  • Hate to be a bug (heh), since this project isn't too terribly important to me yet, but I just wanted to see if this has been looked at and if anything has been found? @giku TIA!

  • Thanks a lot, I'm gonna take a look at this ASAP.

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    Are you on the latest ios? Could you send me the project where it happens the most often?

  • Thanks for looking at this!

    Yep, I'm on 15.5. Luckily, the project in the quoted post is the only project I've had this happen to. I thought it might have to do with a time-signature "Trick"* someone posted on the AB forums - iirc, this project is in 6 - but I have a few other projects that bounce around time signatures with no issues.

    *(drag the Sequence Bar to match amount of bars to what you want your Beat number to be, then divide the pattern by 2, twice)

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