notes output on channel 1


when i edit notes in the clip editor they are outputed on all outputs on channel 1

while i type them in.

its good to have them play when i insert them to the clip but i wish to have them play only to the

instrument the channel is routed...

now each edit plays out to my digitakt kick :)! not good...

i can turn off the notes monitor icon and have no output at all from the editing but it is useful to have if its working ok...

any way of fixing it ??




  • Have you changed the default midi routing in the Track menu?

    Are you using a "Midi out" module to send Midi out?

    and could you also post up a screenshot of the project?

  • so trk 1 is set like this :

    trk 2 is set like this:

    and when i insert notes to the editor in trk 1 , trk 2 is playing

    trk 1 is called bass and trk 2 is called dt ,

    there are no midi output modules and no midi tweeking at all

    i can either set the dt (trk 2) input mode to Active Only to avoid it receive any midi when editing OTHER tracks

    or i can edit other tracks with the midi monitor thingi turned off

    but its not ideal since i want to have the input of that track always on and to have the monitor thingi active when editing notes

    its kinda weird actually


  • Only thing I can see is that Track 2 has it's midi-input set to Drambo... naturally since Drambo generates notes on Track 1 it's also triggered on Track 2...

  • it acts the same with any input... i see now that if i set it to specific note it stops!

    but i want to record ALL the notes :) from the digitakt... so i need the input open on all notes and all channels

    it feels like a bug , there is no reason for notes on another channel EDITOR to play on any other channel...

    its not doing so when i play the clip, only when i drag notes around on the notes editor...

    for now i can turn the monitor off its ok , but it is weird

  • @naaman

    Create a new Project.

    Call it "Midi Test".

    Have a look at the midi settings in the Digitakt and make sure each track is set to

    a separate midi channel 1-8 (which I think is the amount of midi tracks that the Digitakt has).

    When you hit play on the Digitakt you should only see the active track

    flashing red showing that midi notes are being played.

    Once you've done this record a midi sequencer in dRambo from

    the digitakt and send it back to the Digitakt using a Midi output module.

  • thanx but the digitakt connections a working great its excelent combination , the problem is within the drambo channels itself

    i started a new empty project and the error does not happen , when i edit notes they monitor to their own channel , no matter the setting.

    only on one project file that problem exist , and again , no matter the settings , all notes monitor from all channels are playing

    into one track , and not into themselfs.

  • @naaman

    The reason I asked you to reset everything to default and check

    the Digitakt is so that we can track down the issue for you.

    As a new default dRambo project is behaving as expected

    with the Digitakt then the issue is certainly with the dRambo project concerned.

    Can you post up your dRambo project?

  • yeah its a pretty big and long time work project...

    i will post it when i get back to the studio

  • You don’t have to post up the entire project just the bit that doesn’t work.

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