Pitch Euclidean sequencer with MIDI note / piano roll?

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Is it possible to alter the pitch of the note coming out of the Euclidean sequencer by hitting a midi key or putting a note on the piano roll?

i could find a way to combine the 2

ie in the screen shot below I want to change the C2 to a D3 on the 4th step



  • You could use the Morph module to modulate the note coming out from the Euclidean sequencer.

    Place the Morph knob before the Euclidean sequencer

    Press "Assign" on the Morph knob.

    Tap were it says "C2"

    Adjust the range to taste.

    Now you can adjust notes using whatever you want to modulate them.

  • Great thanks I’ll try that

  • @gravitas that didn’t seem to work. I’m not sure it’s possible to map it that way

    i need to get the gate from the Euclidean and the pitch from the step sequencer to do the transposing (but without the latter’s gate triggering an actual extra note)

    I think as soon as you add Midi to CV (which is required for the Euclidean to pass the gate thru) it also picks up notes from the step sequencer

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    Euclidean -> MIDI to CV 2 (pitch) -> Adder -> Instrument

    (Track) ->MIDI to CV 1 (pitch) -> Adder

    Disconnect Euclidian's midi input. Route Euclidian's MIDI to CV (pitch), and the Track's MIDI to CV (pitch) to the Adder. You'll sum the two pitch signals, and be able to now transpose the Euclidian module with the pads/keys.

    Alternatively, you can p-lock Euclidian's note box. Just hold a sequencer step, then change the Euclidian note at the same time :)

  • Thanks @aleyas i’ll give those a go

    in the meantime I found a temporary solution which is to set the Amp velocity response on full and the step sequencer notes velocity to 0

    I then use one Midi to CV for the silent notes and another Midi to CV for the Euclidean gate so I can separate them into the instrument

    it sort of works anyway but I’ll try yours which seems less of a workaround

  • Disconnecting the MIDI input to Euclidean was the way to go. I hadn’t worked out how to do that previously

    the above file will effectively work the same as yours if you do that, you don’t need the Adder specifically in this case

    Thanks everybody got there eventually!

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    Here’s a screenshot showing how it’s done with a morph knob mapped to the Euclidean sequencer note.

    Edit: can you replace the “Slider” module with key input.

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    @gravitas thanks!

    I’ve attached an example of that with the step sequencer note input

    I’ve just realised the synth is connected directly to the step sequencer pitch so the Morph is redundant there. However if I try using the Morph I can’t seem to scale the notes correctly

    there may be a specific morph key/amount and Euclidean note setting that does a 1:1 scale but it’s probably just simpler without the morph p-lock on the Euclidean note in there at all

  • Okay.

    I’ve tweaked your project.

    Try this, it should work for you.

    I’ve tested the entire keyboard range and it seems to track currently.

  • @gravitas I worked it out. The Morph “Key” should be set all the way to the left, the “Amount” at 0.5 and the Euclidean note at C-6

    Track 1 is the scaled Euclidean Sequencer and Track 3 is a normal step sequence. They seem to match up. (But again just easier leaving the morph out entirely)

  • Yeah that file above stopped working when I reopened it. Must be something to do with the p-lock on the Euclidean note. Arrgh. Oh well back to the non morph version which works fine anyway

  • As long as it works for you, it's all good.

    I've just learnt how to scale "key input" for the Euclidean sequencer

    via the knob which I thought was possible and now I know is possible. :)

  • Ok last try. This one should definitely work with the Morph

  • @gravitas just seen your tweaked file above sorry… the note debug really helps there.

    great thanks, a couple of different approaches working!

  • Worth noting neither versions go above B7 because it isn’t available in the Euclidean note selector. Whereas the keyboard goes up to C#8 (2 notes above)

    it’s a really minor issue but I’ll note it with the developer anyway as presumably it should have the same range

  • Great thread! Thankfully!

    Can anyone tell me now how to play a chord on the keyboard, and the rhythm would come from Euclidean?

    It would be great if also the sequencer did not play all the time, but only played when the keys were pressed.

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    Connect the modules like this, note that you need to disconnect the midi input of the Euclidean module.

  • Thank you, ZhouJing! Everything works great. I think I still have a lot to learn :)

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