dYna compressors and other stuff


This was to test live streaming and the audio quality.


  • Full compliment.

    Air 3 + 9.7” iPad Pro 1st generation

    External hardware

    Midi controllers

    LaunchPad X, LaunchControl XL

    Audio interface

    Behringer UMC1820 + Blackface ADAT

    Lexicon MPX-200

    4 dyna compressors with accompanying distortion pedals.

    Various Drum samples

    Toby Emerson Abstract Sounds tonal sample.

    8 instrument channels from the JV1010

    Jaf Filter Collection


    All sequencing and the rest of the effects by dRambo

    including filters, FDN, Chance, Reverb (Plateau)

    and an 8 x wavetable oscillator synth I've called "Sculpture".

    Live-streamed from my iPhone.

  • It's fantastic.


    Forgive my poor English expressions😂.

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