Morph Modulator Inside a Processor Rack?

I'm trying to make a Processor utility rack that contains some Morph Modulators. I'm trying to assign controls to the Modulators that exist in an Instrument Rack on the same track but it doesn't seem to work - when I tap the Assign control on the Modulator, moving controls inside the Instrument rack doesn't register with the Modulator.

Is this how it's designed or is it a bug or am I just doing something wrong? 🤣


  • I should add that if I just add a single Modulator (not in a Processor Rack) to the track I'm perfectly able to assign it to a control within the Instrument rack.

  • I believe that's how it is designed. The only signals that can leave a rack are those connected to its outputs at the right end. If it worked as you expect, what would it mean when the rack is saved as a preset, or loaded into a different track?

  • Ah yes, that makes sense.

    I was trying to create a little 'modulation rack' which could be loaded into a track (as part of a 'template') so that I could already have my MIDI controller assigned to the Modulators then it wouldn't matter what modules or instruments I loaded further into the track (rack) as I'd need to do is hit Assign on any of the modulators, assign the control on the synth (or whatever) and it would already be MIDI controllable.

    I'm trying to create a sort of utility template for live improvised performance and being able to do that (above) would be a real time (and mental) saver.

  • I mean the Modulator don't necessarily have to be in a Processor rack I know (as they'll be saved as part of the template) but it would be tidier that way to be able to pull the 'Modulator Rack' into any track if needed at some point.

  • it works if the Modulator is not inside a rack. in general it's not possible to get any signals out of a rack except the main rack output. (except you can use feedback send/receive modules to get control signal outputs from inside a rack, with a bit of delay, but it's a hack.)

  • MIDI mappings are global so even if you were able to escape the rack scope, the MIDI mappings wouldn't be saved with the Processor utility rack but rather with the project.

    A solution to this could be something like an extended Track Preset system that allows us to save Track-level configuration with or without MIDI mappings.

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