Questions related to Sunrizer XS will it interfere with sunrizer?

Hi everybody,

I have a lot of patches I made in sunrizer XS on my iphone. I wonder: Sunrizer is another app and wont interfere right?

I am planning to get Sunrizer and then see how to get the presets into Sunrizer. Maybe it is stupid to think this but I just hope I wont loose my patches when I download Sunrizer when having Sunrizer XS. When you can advice me let me know. I know I might need to set over the patches by hand one by one,


Roland from Holland


  • When you go to the App Store is Sunrizer a different download to Sunrizer XS?

    Do you have another idevice?

    Can you back up the presets before you purchase Sunrizer?

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    sunrizer XS was a special version for iPhone (it was early days)

    Im not sure if features are compatible. not sure if sounds from XS will load in sunrizer. I think at some point XS wasn't developed further. IIRC

    since they are different apps they should not interfere with each other.

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