Digitone, Td3 ando Drambo

Hello, I am working with a Digitone and a Td3 I have them in sync with clock receive/transport receive/prog ch receive inside the Digitone menu, the Midi cable in the td3 is in Midi In and the digitone the cable is in Midi out sync A works perfect I select the midi channel in digitone and I can sequence my td3 in the digitone, my question is how can I sync drambo with these two machines via USB audio/Midi?. I want to sequence in drambo not within digitone, thanks for your help


  • I don’t have either pieces of hardware but

    drambo can sync to midi clock in as well as Ableton Link.

    Have a look in the Settings menu.

  • If you prefer to sequence in Drambo (which is a good idea because you'll keep all song data in one place) then you don't need MIDI clock at all. Just the MIDI link with the boxes.

    And at any point you'll be able to replace the two with Drambo's internal sound generators.

  • The requirements for sequencing and/or clocking from Drambo are the same... a midi interface...

    imo for these two boxes it makes sense to have both (clocking and sequencing) enabled for both of them...

    it would allow you to take advantage of either internal sequencing or sequencing by Drambo... f.e sequence one unit from Drambo while other runs in sync.

    you don’t necessarily need multi i/o midi interface because you can chain them as well, but you may consider an audio interface with built in midi interface if down the line you want to monitor through Drambo as well (fx, sampling or audio manipulation in Drambo)

  • Done, I did it, I was able to put play in drambo and it also starts Digitone, but when I change to the next track in Digitone a new sequence, I have the problem that Drambo does not change the tempo that is already selected in Digitone and configured by me, this it's annoying because the track that's already armed doesn't go into tempo. Is there a way for drambo to change the tempo to the same as the digitone track? Thank you very much.

  • Sorry I forgot to say that in Drambo when I put the midi clock in tempo sync now Digitone is the one who starts this is normal, but the sequence that works in Drambo doesn't start anymore, only if a midi channel is assigned to it in Drambo and then in Digitone can be worked on, but the sequence already worked on in Drambo doesn't work. That's why I keep the tempo sync option off, is there a way that with that option off, Drambo changes tempo just like Digitone does when changing tracks? Thanks for your help

  • That sounds weird. If Drambo is set to receive MIDI clock, the DT will control transport and bpm.

    But Drambo should always play existing tracks in that case.

    If you plan to mix sequences from DT and Drambo both going into the DT synth engine, things get a little more complicated because you'll have to make sure that the MIDI routing doesn't cause loopbacks. An old MIDI problem 😉

    And yes, keeping the tempo with your DT requires that Drambo strictly follows MIDI clock.

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