Drumbo project did not reload automatically in Cubasis as in midi instrument


I am very disappointed 

in Cubasis 3 

Drambo as Auv3 midi instrument mode 

Drumbo project did not reload automatically when I reopen Cubasis 3 projects 


In Aum Drumbo is reloaded the same project which I saved before exit Aum 

Kindly help and guide 

I loosed many times those project which I save in Drumbo but did not reload after reopen Cubasis project 


  • What happens when you lose a dRambo project?

    Does dRambo load up and not display?

    Does it not load up at all?

    Can you post up a screenshot?

    When you load up the dRambo as a midi auv3 does it have the midi clock switched on?

    I use dRambo a lot quite regularly in Cubasis 3 and sometimes it requires

    closing the Cubasis 3 project and then loading up the project again.

    Have you also reached out to the dev from Cubasis?

    You can do so via the AudioBus forum.

  • @divesh The reason the Drambo project is restored in AUM is that AUM requests the current state from Drambo, and reloads it to Drambo when it restarts. This is the responsibility of the AUv3 host app, not the AUv3.

    It sounds like Cubasis may not be handling this correctly for a MIDI Instrument AUv3.

  • It might be worth to post this 'issue' over at the Cubasis forums as well?

    One of the reasons Cubasis doesn't snapshot all changes done to an AUv3 is that the undo-history will chew up a lot of storage as each state can also include all samples used within the session.

    (There can be 100+ undo states in Cubasis and if each Drambo session is 15+ MB or more it will easily blow out of proportion).

    One work-around I know is to manually save the session in Drambo AUv3 before closing the project in Cubasis and then manually load it when loading the project.

    Issues within Cubasis are also one thing I've decided not to waste any major energy on, it's not worth it since even after 4+ years some things still remain unfixed....


  • As @samu has suggested.

    Here's the Cubasis forum.


  • i faced this problem again that is here

    a drambo project does not re-save in cubasis 3 as Midi Instrument not as midi fx

    a drambo project suddenly stop to resave

    a change does not save

    I save it and it save successfully but after reopen my host cubasis I checked that The unsaved version loaded in drambo

  • Hello what’s wrong with drambo ios 

    I purchased it and I invested several hours to make a song in Drambo as auv3 in cubasis 3 but suddenly the drambo projects is not re-saving every time I save but the unsave version loaded in cubasis 

    And you did not reply my previous mail very disappointed 

  • Host is not responding!!!!!!!!

  • Which "host" please? Cubasis 3, AUM, Drambo, beepstreet forum?

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