Can we get a key-lock for scales?

Could we get a key-lock feature when enabling scales please? I use this feature all the time in Scaler 2 to come up with random melodies and notes. Basically, it disables all notes that aren't in the selected scale so people can't hit wrong notes. This is a really handy feature for people who aren't that great with musical theory and helps a lot (for live sets as well). Thanks in advance.


  • I forgot to mention that this key-lock feature would of course only work with external midi keyboards and controllers since the on screen pads automatically adjust to scales.

  • This is not exactly what you're looking for, but the CV Quantizer lets you restrict to certain notes. Wrong notes are adjusted to the nearest scale note (not sure if it rounds or truncates). Put it after MIDI to CV, and before modules using tne note CV.

  • CV Quantizer is the way to go.

    If you really want to disable the out of scale notes, Math => Function => "A=B" comparing pitch before and after the CV quantizer will allow for gate signal discrimination.

  • If you have Mozaic, Simple Scaler, is easy to use. There's also Scaler from the Rozeta suite. Just send the midi through either of these plugins.

    The downside is what gets recorded to the sequencer will be the raw incoming notes, not the key transposed ones. There are workarounds for that, but they do add to the complexity. A built in function for this would be great.

  • wow, this is exactly what i was looking for last few days.

    thanks, you saved me quite some time.

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