My top 6 wishlist for Drambo

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Dear Drambo Forum. Stopped AUM since 4 weeks ago and continued with Drambo! What a great package! really great. I use Drambo in combination with my modulare synth case. So I use all atmosphere samples and various midi tasks in Drambo. I've been building my own template for a few weeks and after so many hours I do have a wishlist for the future version:

1) Save presets including midi CC (now I have to learn everything again)

2) AU Midi to sequencer module (I really miss this one)

3) Bluetooth advertise function (would be great)

4) Open files from apple file browser (app is now hidden)

5) Midi push buttons and sliders

5) Drum sequencer (1 track = 16 drum lanes)

6) Loading presets from AU (Fugue, Cykle etc)

Just to be clear, this app is really great!


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    Hi @studio57. Regarding (4), I believe the files have to be hidden so they can also be accessed from the AUv3 Drambo. You can use the WebDAV server (in the top left "hamburger" menu) to access the internal files directly from a computer, or even from the iPad itself. I use the FE File Explorer app; you can also use Documents by Readdle. This has been discussed quite a bit here. See

  • Right. For on-device access, don't miss the part about enabling Background Audio, so the Drambo server will continue running while another app is frontmost.

  • #1 is on top of my list also. I’d love the ability to delete individual notes via midi vis undo + tap note.

    This would absolutely take Drambo + some controllers to the hardware replacement territory.

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    I was also very impressed with the AU App Velocity keyboard. Still don't understand the technique behind this, but it works very well! I hope that more developers would use this technique or that the maker sells this algorithm for Drambo. But I found out that I couldn't record the notes played in Velocity keyboard to the sequencer hence my wishlist #2 (I know there is a way but I'd rather not use this one)

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    I build my own modules in the processor rack with the layer mixer (really super handy) and within the layers I always use a lot of filters that I link to my midi controller. At a performance I would like to load other processor presets, but then all linked midi CCs will no longer work. I also tried to build all filters after the processor rack, but that is only possible for 1 layer (audio). So if I use 4 different Flex samples (4 layers) and I want to provide each sampler with a filter, this is not possible. (The only way is to output the audio layer by layer to another tracks)

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    I work with different (expert sleepers) disting modules in my eurorack, which I currently midi control with Bram's Mozaic. But I think Drambo can also do a lot, only I miss the midi buttons and sliders to control midi hardware and then I can work without mosaic ;)

    For the midi control I work with: RK-006 MIDI/Gate Hub (from Retrokits) with 6 midi ports and 6 gate ports, which I connected directly to the iPad and the eurorack case. Also use the Wavefront eurorack module with 6x midi to CV connections (bluetooth).

    So Drambo is controlling a lot!

    Apps I use to control the Eurorack are:

    Fugue machine - Ooda - Cycle - LFOH - and a lot self made midi modules made in Drambo

    Now you understand how I use Drambo ;)

  • For me 1) fix the parametric eq bug that causes a crash when you automate it and 2) bring back MPE (which is still listed as a feature in the apple store)

    Being able to copy paste automation would be cool too.

  • That is cool but I was thinking more like being able to select what portion gets copied.

  • Yes! Exactly my thoughts, it would make working with automation a lot faster and less frustrating!

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