I heard a rumour about logic coming to ios. Probably means it aint too far off.

I wonder how this will effect the iOS landscape.


  • I'm really curious how much of the functionality they're going to port to iOS and how usable it's going to be.

    Maybe something in-between LPX desktop and Garageband iOS?

    Even if it was the real deal, I'm not sure how much I'd use it on the iPad.

    The charm of iOS apps has always been simplicity and immediacy for me, while I still find the desktop/laptop better suited for apps like Ableton Live, LPX, Kontakt and file handling including wave editing, batch processing etc.

  • Depends on price to me and i am very curious of the price point, it will bring a lot of new users so i wonder how that will effect existing apps.

  • This will be quite interesting to follow...

    ....WWDC'20 kicks off on Monday and If Logic is featured it may even give me an excuse to get a new iPad.

    I would not be surprised if it will be free to existing Logic owners as the AppStore supports cross-platform apps.

    Looking at the QuickSampler it translates very well to touch with big buttons, knobs and handles, almost like it was designed for touch :)

  • It certainly will be a major change to how iOS is seen by the larger musician community.

    ah WWDC is Monday, that would explain it then.

  • I'm still not convinced Apple would do this yet, until iOS is more of an equivalence to a desktop OS but would be interesting if it's true. The rumours seem to be based on one tech blogger. I can't see there's a market for it yet and Apple just don't need to do it. The basic ipad Files app has bugs so imagine all the bugs there'd be in Logic :)

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    I heard also from someone i know yesterday. Quite a few different sources now.

    yeah i do wonder what form of logic would be on ios? Filing on ios sucks ass. However like samu pointed out It depends on if the filing System will be improved on the new ios... i doubt this will be a major improvement though.

  • I also doubt this will happen now, the code of Logic is very old and I don't think this is so easily refactored so it can run completely on a ARM processor. But who knows now that Apple starts to migrate all its new hardware to run on ARM at one point they have to migrate Logic too or they are probably already doing this then it would be easier to port Logic to run on IOS.

  • Well, C code is C code so I don't see too many problems for a large company like Apple who must have done countless code edits during the years, erm, decades, anyway 😉

  • If Logic does arrive on the iOS platform?

    I see it as a good thing because all of the other major DAW companies will start investing in

    iOS properly and by the time that happens ,'Drambo', would've developed into a full grown Titan.

  • I am working at NI and we will face the same challange with very old code bases and its not trivial I can tell you ;)

    C = C but you have proper written C and poorly written and designed C ;)

    I think maybe a spin-off of Logic would maybe happen at some point but not the full Pro X suite and honestly I dont see it happen until the ARM computers are there.

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    I would imagine all of apples software has been running on the ARM processor for some time now, they probably make the announcement tomorrow of the first ARM processor macbook. Probably a low end MacBook but it will need to run all the software i assume. So a form of logic Ios is the rumour.

    im not a coder so i wont comment on things i don’t know in terms of language, nothing is easy when coding complex programs.

  • LPX works on MacOS 10.15 so there's hope 😉

    My guess would also be a rather customized LPX on iOS rather than a 1:1 port.

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    Logic Pro running on the new mac ARM. Looking good but not happening now.

    also drambo will run natively on the new macbooks.

  • Yes pretty cool :)

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    IT was pretty impressive to see the performance of Final Cut with just that iPad Pro processor....that promises a lot of good things for the near future.

  • indeed, they can allow more power consumption for the macbook version to increase the cpu power too.

  • I always found logic unsexy because it didn't have clips

    now it has clips

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    i don't think apple will come out with a low-end laptop now

    everybody is looking what they are doing now

    they need to impress after this announcement

    the low end iPads have a 12 chips now

    oh la la

  • I'm also using Live 90% but for linear editing, Logic is my favorite.

    Also, the included effects and instruments are simply excellent and in contrast to Live, it has full MIDI support.

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