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Firstly I am really loving Drambo, it’s so nice to get Elektron style sequencing outside of Elektron hardware & thank very much for allowing it to be used on the MAC as well. With that in mind it would be great to be able to load AU’s, I understand it’s a different thing to AU3 which fit inside Drambo & perhaps would actually be impractical & require a dedicated desktop branch, but I wondered if there are any plans to develop the MAC side of it?


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    hm, things are a little restricted

    but you can load the other iPad AUs * on Mac into drambo standalone,

    like the Moog stuff for example

    (lots of improvements for Mac are included in the next update)

    (* well the other iPad plugins that you are allowed to load onto your Mac)

    you can load your drambo project iPad project (or more of them) as AU into MAC DAW of choice :)

    (but AUs can't host AUs(thats a restriction from apple) ..., so you will be fine if no AU was used on iPad / will load exactly the same into Mac daw of choice , if u used iPad AUs those will be missing)

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    I've just found that Spacecraft Granular works inside Drambo on Mac!

    Virsyn AddStation and AudioLayer work too.

    This is cool because these fill the gap of the few things that aren't covered by Drambo modules natively.

  • Thanks for the info, I look forward to an AU version :)

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