Key Automator

This project turned out way cooler than I anticipated so I decided I had to share. The idea is that every track follows the chord and key of the Chord/Key track you see below. Bare with me it's cooler than it initially may seem.

Above is the Chord/Key track. The button selects Major or Minor Key. You press one note to determine key. The Maj/Min switch waits for the next note input to send the change. Use the sequencer to enter the chord and key with one note and P-lock the Maj/Min button.

Then all other tracks have a receiver seen below.

There's 3 ways to use the Chord Receive.

For Chords

The Chord Receive has 3 selectable notes to determine which note of the chord from the Sender you want. The 4/5 output is the middle note of the chord and the only one that will change when switching from Maj to Min if the key isn't changing. Then the Bender you select the octave you want. It also has an Lfo for bending pitch. In this way you can easily spread the notes of a chord across many tracks on demand. What notes you get on each track is determined by the Send track and the settings on the Receive and Bender so now you just add C2 On each tracks sequencer and you hear the notes of your chord. By decoupling the gates from the notes like this it enables you to quickly change the pattern or the key independently without having to fuss with the other.

For melody (two ways)

On the Scales Offset module you can P-lock the Offset to get notes outside of your main 3 notes enabling more complex chords or melodies. Or (the most interesting) if you turn the Keytracking (Key knob) on Scales Offset you can now play the scale on the keyboard or pads. What this means is you can now effectively automate what scale you are playing in on the pads. (If you're doing this you likely want the Chord Receive set to 1 but the 4/5 and 8 can sometimes be interesting too.)

Two usage tips. The Maj/Min button sticks when you P-lock it so if you P-lock it on on one note it'll stay on till you P-lock it off. The audio out of each track doesn't auto connect if you drop in an instrument cause when the track is empty it was auto connecting to a Cv source and the output was offset.

Let me know what you think of this.


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