FLEKSI - World On Fire (new jam on cam)

Drambo and others. Let me know you thoughts if any, or just enjoy, if at all ;)



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    One day I’ll learn how to bloody embed a video!

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    Just hit return after pasting the link 😅

    That was a great jam! Enjoyed it a lot 😃

  • Great Jam! Great skill!

  • Nicely done.

    Sounding good. 😁

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    This is pretty incredible. How did you record the guitar (is that done directly into Drambo sampler?) your use of hybridization of real musicianship , instruments and tight work flow , is very very talented and creative use of your hardware/instruments in a live setting

    I mean it’s a composition and a live performance at once

  • Although I believe that @supadom has used Loopy Pro, you could just as well record in Flexi Sampler. With beat sync active, it will start and stop recording exactly at beat boundaries so the recording loops correctly.

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    Thanks @rs2000

    you seem to be the in house tech wizard - whenever someone has a question, doesn’t know what to do, what went wrong, or how to fix it, I noticed you have a workaround, so if I ever ask you a basic question please have some patience with me lol

    W/e the case I want to keep everything in drambo because I am using like 5 AUv3, but at least I know. Otherwise I might just record my guitar in Logic and drop the sample in Drambo(just thought of that!) but I will try to do it like you proposed - Flexi sampler with active beat


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